Problems with Z9X Pro: stuttering, dark picture, playback freeze, etc.

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619BPD)' started by nutzer, Aug 22, 2023.

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    hi there, @mirror

    I'm experiencing some major troubles with the z9x pro, latest firmware (using home theater app):

    1. playback stops after 3 sec. -->need to exit movie and shutdown & reboot device. sometimes it works afterwards.
    2. there is lots of motion judder if i use SPDIF audio (raw) with core mixdown option enabled
    3. the picture of hdr-movies is very dark. Colors are not washed out, but everything gets very dimmed down.--> if i exit the movie and return to main menu of hometheater everything is bright and lit up again.
    SD-movies and Dolby-Vision movies are OK but Not superbright...(htpc delivers perfectly bright picture of same movie though). HDR10(+) movies are way too dark!!!

    is there a fix for this? will there be a new firmware soon?

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