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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X6 Pro' started by laestel, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. laestel

    laestel New Member

    Hi everybody,

    I just want to inform you that I'm really new to the IPTV word and android box too. After few days of investigation I've decided for zidoo x6 pro. I really like the product and I want the issues I'm facing.
    I've looked a lot of forum but I couldn't solve these issues, I really hope you can patientilly help me.

    My objective is to see a m3u list that I have made of m3u8 or eventually changing them in .ts. Below the problems and what I've tried so far.

    1st tentative was with kody, in particular I tried, loading both in ts and m3u8 links in the playlist:
    • PVR IPTV Simple client: I was able to load the channels but when I click on one of them it doesn't start. It just says working for 1 sec and than stops
    • Playlist loader by superrepo: same issue as IPTV Simple Client
    2nd tentative with app IPTV Extrame With this app I can correctly both load and play the channels (only link in .ts) but I have these problems:
    • Audio is out of sync: I tried any type of combination of settings. Hadware acceleration on or off etc.
    • Some channels show bluerried and with colourful lines

    I really would like to solve issue with kodi and keep the zidoo x6 pro, any support will be appreciated.

    Many thanks
  2. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member Beta test group Contributor

    there are mixed reviews about iptv. some users are facing bad problems with IPTV playback. some are not.

    i used for testing. and i was able to play TV channels just fine, no buffer no sync issues . My iptv experience stops there tho. i can do some test for you if you want. just PM me exactly what tests/steps to do them. Not sure if i was lucky or what, but i'm not facing most of the problems other uses have with the box.
  3. daitarn 3

    daitarn 3 Member

    I for now I solved by installing an older version of the firmware (prior to 1.0.38) and using SPMC with disabled hardware acceleration, but it is only a temporary remedy ...... at least I hope
  4. laestel

    laestel New Member


    thanks for your quick replies.

    @HaoSs: Thanks, I'll try your solution and at I'm sending you a PM with the steps followed

    @daitarn 3: your solution is to play IPTV from Kodi correct? Do you think Zidoo will solve this issue or should I move to another android box?

    Thanks again for your quick support.
  5. daitarn 3

    daitarn 3 Member

  6. laestel

    laestel New Member

    ok @daitarn 3, I'll try tomorrow and let you know if it solved.
    Thanks again!
  7. PacoRabanne

    PacoRabanne Well-Known Member Beta test group

    I'm one who streaming "channel" (I mean addons and so related "channels") runs better on ZDMC that on SPMC. Of course not always... I mean sometimes runs bad in any player.
    IPTV is something much more discontinuos, but the same behaviour is on my PC, so...

    I've increased a lot network buffering on ZDMC and on SPMC, but with this streaming addons seem ineffective, like addons use a different "path" to receive video stream/flux. Not skilled enough to investigate.
    Anyway any check/test/debug about this problem is something possibly useful for all.
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  8. grummel2005

    grummel2005 Well-Known Member

    i remember that we all had no problems in one of the earliest firmwares
    step bye step it got worse and worse
    maybe get one or some more steps back to see where the knot is in there :)
  9. daitarn 3

    daitarn 3 Member

    I use the firmware version 1.0.27 and the video does not go into buffering, as they did with 1.0.38.
    I am afraid to upgrade to a higher version of firmware, because if it does not work, then I have to reinstall everything.
    But having an old version firmware, there are many other bugs that limit a bit the use of the device.
  10. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member Beta test group Contributor

    i did test the addon you talked about. not sure what stream interests you. but 50% of them just don't work. 45% work just fine. and rest 5 % are buggy ( lag/buffer ) . conclusion. its a total sh*t addon
  11. daitarn 3

    daitarn 3 Member

    If you talk about Sportsdevi
    l would say that so define the addon most widely used in Europe to watch sporting events live, is a bit simplistic ..... many streams do not start because they are activated only at the exact moment of the event. however I am seriously thinking of giving me a nice box nvidia .... see what happens
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  12. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member Beta test group Contributor

    probably nothing. i also have kodi on windows. the result was the same .

    i suspect you also have a PC ? install kodi on it. see if the streams work better. for me. was about the same
  13. daitarn 3

    daitarn 3 Member

    I had the bad idea to install the 1.0.40 ..... result: the same iptv channels that you first saw fluids with version 1.0.27. Now they go in spurts, and often go to buffering .... not only with zdmc but also with other apps apk. Downgrades in sight :(
  14. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member Beta test group Contributor

    can you tell me the exact menu path of some streams so i can test?

    also. if you downgrade anyway. i'd try first a full reflash of 1.0.40
  15. nice159

    nice159 Active Member

    Did you try Castaway addon?
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  16. daitarn 3

    daitarn 3 Member

    I'll try it
  17. Ramzi

    Ramzi New Member

    So do u guys recommend this device for iptv?
  18. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member Beta test group Contributor

    Most Iptv services is buggy. Does not matther the device.
  19. roku

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  20. linihoxelu

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