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Problem with HDMI Output on X9S, green picture???

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by Wolfgang, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Wolfgang

    Wolfgang New Member

    When the X9S ist one day on standby power (red LED is ON) and I will boot the Zidoo in the first minutes is all OK, then when I will play full HD Video like mkv, the picture is OK in the first time, about 1 minutes, then the picture will wobbles and the picture is green.
    Now I unplag the power cable oder the switch on the back side and boot new, the error is no longer there.
    What is the PROBLEM???
  2. videobruce

    videobruce Member

    1. Try another HDMI cable, (I'm assuming it's a short, less than 10' cable),
    2. Try another TV,
    3. Is this going thru a A/V receiver? If so, bypass that and run the output HDMI cable directly into the TV.
  3. diemorgensterne

    diemorgensterne New Member


    I have a similar situation. I got my player today and the launcher etc is running. But as soon as I start a movie with Home Theatre or explorer the screen shows the picture and the sound for a second and then it disappears... only switching off and on again helps. Any idea?

    I have 2.0.5 installed and going thru an Denon 1400h AV receiver to an full HD Beamer from BenQ - other devices are working on that HDMI port and I also tried already different cable, same issue

    Thanks in advance for your help
    BR, Tommy
  4. diemorgensterne

    diemorgensterne New Member

    No support here at all? Would be happy to get support on this since I already saw several having the same issue.

    Help would be appreciated
  5. n_p

    n_p Active Member

    Protip: Try more than one video. :)

    Try to play the Video in ZDMC. Install ZDMC if its not installed out of the box.

    The green screen probably signals hardware acceleration failing on a certain video/videotype (codec) you are trying to play. ZDMC uses Zidoos integrated player as a default, the integrated player is probably the most performant, but maybe not the most compatible. So -

    - if the video is very demanding, high end 4K HDR x265 HEVC, high bitrate, high framerate stuff, you are probably out of luck, and its a compatibility issue with the chipset and hardware decoding, but at least try ZDMC - its the best shot you got at that point.
    - if its anything less demanding, try installing a version of KODI and running it with that player, chances are, that compatibility might be better.
    - if in KODI, and its still an issue with less demanding video format - try disabling hardware acceleration in the extended settings of KODI.

    - if its an issue with every video you try to play back on the box - its probably a hardware issue

    In general, it is not a wide spread problem, how you solve it depends on whats causing it.

    - Kodi (the Kodi video player) itself probably has the highest compatibility. But it is dependent on the drivers and driver implementations for different chipsets. Also they depend on the drivers being open sourced.

    - The X9S chipset isnt the most mainstream in that regard, which is why Zidoo frankensteined together a version of Kodi with their own video player (ZDMC) - which is a little more performant on demanding video formats, but may also be a little less compatible to whatever you throw at it. So at least also try Kodi.

    If you want personal support on a chinese media box you just bought, from the manufacturer - good luck. :) Most manufacturer driven support attempts in here were mere "we hear you, have you tried updating" fiests... ;) )

    If you want personal support on an open source Media Center project (Kodi), on a random chinese mediaplayer, using a pretty non standard chipset, on "all the video formats". Think again.. ;)

    If you invest a little time, into actually getting to know the ecosystem - and trying to troubleshoot you own problems, without needing personalized help eveerytime, this actually goes a long way. The android ecosystem is pretty open and flexible (so is Kodi), so most issues ares solveable - if they are not caused by a hardware defect.
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2018
  6. leonkoum

    leonkoum Active Member Beta test group

    Try to disable the video passthrough option from your AVR
  7. Candice Force

    Candice Force New Member


    I've been seeing this issue as well but not limited to inside Kodi. I have seen it happen inside the android Viki and Dramafever apps. I did update the firmware from 1.4.16 up to the 2.0.5 and started to experience the issue shortly after. Now there was also some confusion from the official download page to the forum whether 2.0.5 was an official release or still a beta. Maybe the software developers can look for a possible bug in the code.

    Also does anyone know if it would be safe to scroll back the firmware or if the updater in the firmware was altered? Thanks!

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