Problem with external dock for 2 HDD

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X10' started by JiriRo, Jan 5, 2019.

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    i bought new one of Zidoo X10 and now i have little a problem. I use this one dosking station: and i have two pcs HDD 2TB. In the box X10 i have 4TB WD disk and working ok. But if i connect this disk station with two pcs HDD to the box via USB3.0 USB, the system recognize only one HDD. I use two pcs in the docking station. Before i use other android box where working ok. Is problem in this box? Like some software problem? Or i must install any app for it or some edit in system settings?

    Thank you for help

    edit: on previos box i see Disk1 and Disk2 in file manager.
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    1, USB is a problem across the board. If it works w/o issue you are lucky (depending on what it's connect to).
    2. Having two drives in one USB enclosure (which I never heard of before), my obvious deduction is, devices other than a PC wouldn't be able to see both drives.
    3. Are those two drives the exact same model? If so, that may be a problem.

    You stated you used this docking station with some other "box". What "box"? If you use one drive, will the X10 see that?
    Reading that description from that link, down at the bottom I find;
    Android is not in that list!
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    I use this ORICO 3.5" Aluminum HDD Enclosure 2bay SATA to USB3.0 External Hard Drive Enclosure with 2 x 8TB drives connected to the usb 3 port and another
    2TB drive connected to the usb 2 port with no issues, apart from when you leave it for a while and it spins down next time you go to watch something you lose all the posters for a few seconds then they come back.

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