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  1. Roman Unucka

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    I have PC with Windows10 Pro and system does not detect my Zidoo x9s on my local Lan as computer.
    Only as media center Zidoo.

    Oposite, Zidoo x9s can read shared files from my PC with Window 10 Pro.

    On Windows 7 is working from both sides.

    thx. for your time...
  2. HaoSs

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    map the network drive manually using the IP and the box path to HDD, see the general guide tips and tricks
  3. Roman Unucka

    Roman Unucka New Member

    thx HaoSs ...

    I solved this problems. I used advice from Astons2

    You need to RUN "gpedit.msc" to access "Local Group Policy Editor" and find there "Computer Configuration->Administrative Templates->Network->Lanman Workstation" and there you need to enable "Enable insecure guest logons".


    advice from Coruja3D
    1. Turn on all SMBv1 options in Control Panel > Programs & Features > Turn Windows Features on and off (see attached picture) - tick all the "SMB 1.0" options on.
    2. Share folders on the PC via - open folder properties and click the [Share...] button on the Sharing tab (see picture)
    3. Really iĀ§mportant! Add the "Guest" account. This already exists (at least it did on my PC). I did not find this step in any online articles I found on getting this darn thing working (see pictures). You won't find this "Guest" account in Control Panel > User Accounts by the way - at least I couldn't.
    4. Turn OFF password protected sharing in Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change advanced sharing settings (see picture). Maybe there is a way to get it working with password protected sharing on, but I did not manage it.

    Thx so much !
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  4. Jennie case

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    Hi there, Finally I found a related thread :) I am also facing the same issues as I have bought a new PC form online store coupons before that I was working with a mac machine and was not able to run zidoo but now I bought windows PC but still facing the same problem could someone out there can help me to sort this out.
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    Me too, Thx so much !

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