Ourglass Unit Activation Proposal and Solution

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by nc88keyz, Jan 24, 2019.

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    Zidoo "Ourglass" units sold on ebay.

    Zidoo how about taking one for the team and activating the ourglass units that people come to these forums for...and I know this is a big shocker ....for support of a unit that is indeed a zidoo product ( clearly says so on the pcb inside the unit) , you have obviously proven that you can activate them if you so choose, as you have figured out how to fix the fps in the latest firmware. That was another situation where you had a choice to make a customer happy. Now that the chinese new year has passed it is time to turn over a new leaf. How about an actual sincere response and resolution.

    I am one of those customers that got 1 of 2 units activated. I am a customer and a long time supporter. Additionally I am a contributor to your support forums. This doesn't have to be complicated. In no way were we informed that you would only be activating these units for a "limited time" only. If that were the case we all would have sent the unit back to ebay the same week. I only purchased 3 total.; 1 being a gift. That unit was activated immediately. I wasn't aware that I would have to rush to activate the other two units which are backups. I strongly urge you to be transparent on this issue at hand for a lot of folks.

    If your scripted answer is contact the seller of the unit on ebay, Are you agreeing to add the mac address to your white list assuming that seller on ebay contacts you and provides you the mac addresses of his unused stock. I realize that this deal never launched for the OE rebadged systems for bars / restaurants but this absolutely does not have anything to do with customers that you have the ability to win over in the very competitive media player market.

    If you feel you need to recoup revenue for licensing the Zidoo applications, then by all means please set up a website with mac id activation and charge a modest fee of $10-15 dollars. I am sure your inherited customers whom otherwise may not be exposed to your products,. They would gladly to pay a fee to have an official supported boxes. Another option that may be viable is that if you cannot legally sell a license to the android OS, package the "activation unlock" with the newer backlit remote (found in the X10, X20, Z9S, Z10) units for $20.00.

    I think if you sit back and think about this situation, there is a solution that works for all parties. Lets go forward into 2019 and not backward. Zidoo is a fantastic product that does something that virtually no other product does on the market with finesse. You have managed to place your products on Amazon for quick availability, and you have managed to beat all the odds with the most recent firmware release, when you could have just went silent. Its truly appreciated. But lets think outside the box on this one and come up with a solution.

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    I agree. The units are no longer being sold, so it would only be a few units needing activated. If mine can't be activated, I will NOT be buying any Zidoo products in the future.

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