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Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619BPD)' started by Luis Silva, Nov 23, 2023.

  1. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    change setting /adio / hdmi audio from auto to raw

    if you check the thread thats running on MCH Audio i did some testing yesterday for flac and mch sacd

    when set on Auto the zidoo only outputs stereo for Audio files

    on raw flac mch seems to work , but mch sacd says its outputting at 6 ch 176.4khz ,the amp will show input as mch pcm ..the active speakers will show 5.1 BUT only FL FR have any audio

    but raw might work for your opus issues
  2. Unclejoshc

    Unclejoshc Member

    I mean the actual names of the movies.
  3. Luis Silva

    Luis Silva Member

    - Interstellar 2014 2160p UHD HDR AV1 Opus Multi6 dAV1nci
    - Plane 2023 2160p 10bit HDR DV 8CH X265 HEVC-PSA AAC 7.1.mkv
  4. Unclejoshc

    Unclejoshc Member

    I am grabbing these online and will see how the audio is.
  5. Unclejoshc

    Unclejoshc Member

    I could not grab Plane due to low seeders but I grabbed that Interstellar rip and only the front 2 channels output audio on both Raw and Auto. Zidoo info says it is 5.1 and my receiver says the signal is 5.1 but only 2 channels are actually outputting sound. I couldnt even get my AVR to use signal processing to have surround in all my speakers.

    As my rip of Conan with 5.1 OPUS works perfectly in all channels, that would seem to indicate the issue is with the file.

    I would try to grab a non OPUS version of the movie and not worry about it. It isn't like you can't get another version.
  6. Luis Silva

    Luis Silva Member

    As I mentioned previously, if I connect the disc with these files to a USB 3.0 port on the TV, which is connected to the AVR receiver via an HDMI arc port, all 5.1 sound channels are perfectly audible, but if I connect the same disc to the Z20 Pro, the main center channel is muted.
    My AVR receiver, Denon AVR-X1400h, is much older than the Z20 Pro, and can decode the OPUS and AAC codecs unlike the very recent Z20 Pro.

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