Optimizing Zidoo Z9X settings on LG OLED CX

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    Hi, I’m trying to set setting well for my tv and I need your help:

    if I reproduce local file usb plugged with the tv images look a little brighter and satured (same oled light and video settings and video mode obviously) and when I reproduce video test like this () with tv I can see little black bars for all the lines…with z9x no: I can just see alterning black bars from “235” and to the left….. It should be better to see alterning black bar for all the lines or is better like zidoo does?

    These are my settings (taken from Markswift2003 threads, thanks for the suggestions)…please suggest me how to set better for my hardware, maybe I did something wrong…thanks..

    Firmware: 6.0.35 (just updated, starting from 6.0.9)

    Switch frame rate and resolution

    Display/HDR: Auto (I tried to use DVS10 for HDR/DV content but it work bad and black level rises so I have even up/down black bars from aspect ratio brighter than normal)
    Display/Color Settings/4K 50~60Hz: Priority YUV420 10BIT
    Display/Color Settings/4K 23~30Hz: Priority YUV444 10BIT
    Display/Color Settings/Non-4K: Priority YUV444 8BIT
    Display/Color Settings/HDMI Range: 16-235
    Display/HDMI Mode: 3840x2160p 23Hz

    I have also set:

    Hdmi signal format: enanched
    Priotiry standard DV (TV Led)
    Custom edid: off

    Hdmi/DP display config:
    Tv system: auto
    Video Color mode: Auto (yuv 444 10bit)
    HDR output mode: INPUT
    Auto 29,97/59,94 Hz Playback OFF
    Auto 1080p 24Hz Playback OFF

    Thanks to everyone who could help me
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