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    In a Zidoo X10 (or X9) running OpenWrt, in the X10 menu under Settings-Ethernet Configuration/Ethernet Connection, it shows "connected"

    In OpenWrt under Status/Network it shows; Ipv4 "Not connected".

    I have it set for a static address as I always had and the same one before I had to flash the F/W (for other reasons). I also have it set for the Routers address the standard

    I'm sure it's something in OpenWrt, but I can't find where/what. The Router (which runs dd-wrt) shows the X10 as the static IP I assigned. When I set this up 3+ years ago when I got this box I had no problems (which kinda surprised me since I never did this outside of a PC or a Router.

    Input and/or questions please.
  2. videobruce

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    Well I managed to get this thing back, except I can't log into the Zidoo from a Win 7. It is looking for a username & password which I tried what I believe is the only one I entered in was for OpenWrt and that didn't work.
    I then tried 'Root' & 'admin' with no password, but those didn't work. is the password for this what is used for OpenWrt, or something else?

    Very frustrating. :(
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  3. McBluna

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    Check your Samba config if you've Allow guests checked.
    Screenshot_20210804-222412_Firefox Beta.jpg
  4. videobruce

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    I revised the host name,
    I changed the workgroup to the workgroup I use,
    I left the home directories blank since I didn't know that should be changed and I don't know how/what to name them (they would be drive letters and/or the names of the partitions).
    The Shared Directories I allowed 2 users to the 1st one (of 3).

    Question since you show this screen;
    The list of 'Shared Directories' my list shows the same directory three times (I see yours is shown twice). Why is that?
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  5. videobruce

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    Do I have to do sharing on the Windows end?

    Network Zidoo share password needed-vert.png
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