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    Hi guys! I'd like to ask some help. I attached an old 1 TB HDD by USD to my Zidoo X8 and the plan is that I use Transmission and download to this drive. I set everything, really: fix IP is given to Zidoo in my ISP device, port forwarding also set (9091 & 51413). My Zidoo box is connected to another router operates in AP mode. I also did all the necessary settings in OpenWRT, my external drive can be seen via network, it works great. But Transmission doesn't work. I set the download directory (/mnt/sda1/Movies) and start it but download doesn't start. In the settings on Network page it shows Port is closed. However checking the opened ports on they can be seen so port forwarding is OK!
    I tried a ping test on OpenWRT under the Diagnostic tab but cannot get answer so it seems OpenWRT doesn't get internet connection. But on Android GUI it works fine, it sais connected, Chrome works so the box is online.
    Settings in Interfaces/LAN can be seen on the picture.
    Any idea how to make Transmission working? interfaces lan.JPG
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    If you want to expose your problem do it in my post to put them all together there are many people with the same problem for many months

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