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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X8' started by Simongnz, Nov 23, 2016.

  1. Simongnz

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    I have been trying to get my X8 to pass all audio out via bitstream so my AVR can decode the audio. No matter what combination of settings I use I seem to only be able to get PCM stereo or DD5.1. DTS-HD, Flac and TrueHD get sent to the amp in either PCM stereo or DD5.1.

    I am using HDMI (good cable which works fine on other stream boxes I have).

    I am using the built-in ZDMC with PlexKodiConnect add-on to talk to my Plex Media Server. Video works great and switches refresh and resolution on the TV.

    The info screen on ZDMC is not showing any transcoding of audio so I can only assume that the X8/Android is doing the audio transcoding. Playback settings in Android are set to HDMI Raw.

    Is there some magic setting I am missing or is the answer to wait for a software update from Zidoo?
  2. Simongnz

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    Further testing of various audio formats downloaded from Demo World, copied to a USB key and played directly from the Media player show audio being passed through correctly to the receiver. The same files on the same USB key playing through ZDMC has all the audio going to the amp as PCM. This bypasses KodiPlexConnect so looks like the version of Zidoo Kodi is at fault. Hopefully the upcoming update will resolve this.
  3. Simongnz

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    New 1.2.7 firmware makes no difference. No RAW output from ZDMC - everything gets down mixed to PCM. Proper RAW output from Media Player app.
  4. Simongnz

    Simongnz New Member

    Reflashed X8 in desperation - all working properly now.

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