Noisy audio in HDMI recording - any fix???

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by EB1000, May 9, 2018.

  1. EB1000

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    Currently on FW 2.0.15 latest. HDMI sound is noisy when starting new recording. The workaround is change sampling rate to 44100 record few seconds, stop, change back to 48000 and record. Must do this every new recording, and the biggest problem is scheduled recordings..

    Any plans on fixing this? it started after upgrade to FW 2.0.5. Anyone else have this problem?

  2. tcabw

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    Yes, I have discovered exactly the same problem.
    I've just upgraded from 1.44 and wish I hadn't. It wont allow me to downgrade back.
    I'm about to search the forum on how to flash it.........
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  3. Rick67

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    Same problem here with HDMI IN recording.
    Another workaround is to start recording for 10 seconds then stop it; when restarting recording the static noise is gone.
  4. tcabw

    tcabw New Member

    I've just restored to a 1.4.12 image and will probably upgrade to 1.50. Zidoo seems to forget about the one feature which sets it apart from other media players, the ability to RECORD. You would expect them to at least check the fundamentals before releasing a beta version. I've tried both the "work-arounds", but all I got was garbled sound. At least I got the recording job done once I'd reset to the 1.4 image.

    {later edit}
    I may have been a little unfair to the developers. I upgraded to 1.5.0 and found that the audio is once again garbled. Perhaps the problem goes deeper as to the source material being recorded or even the unit itself. Now restoring back to 1.4.12 and see whether that performs stable over time.
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