No power on USB ports, X10 hangs on 'Hello'

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X10' started by Dimitar Ganchev, Jul 2, 2023.

  1. Dimitar Ganchev

    Dimitar Ganchev New Member

    While transferring some files to the internal HDD (WD Black), the X10 box suddenly died. After restart, it hangs with 'Hello' on the lcd display and 'Zidoo' on the screen.

    I found out that there is no power on the USB ports so reflashing is not possible. However, I suspect there is nothing wrong with the flash, but the power controller died and is not supplying 5V to the motherboard, most probably overloaded by the WD Black disk.

    Is it repairable?

    A 5V voltage regulator should cost about $1 - way less than a new player, but I don't have time to reverse-engineer the motherboard to search for it. There are probably two regulators - one close to the USB3 (may be 5V) port and one close to the SATA power cable (may be 3.3V), but I can't be sure as I can't read the numbers on the chip. Does anyone have any experience in repairing such a motherboard or at least have some mb schematics / layout?

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