New Z9X user - issues with Bluray menus, incorrect chapters, and out-of-sync subtitles

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by boolian, Mar 2, 2022.


Is Zidoo better than Dune, Zappiti, and Oppo for Bluray menu playback?

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  1. boolian

    boolian Member

    Hi, I got the Zidoo because I heard it plays back 4K Bluray menus. I thought it would be like playing the disc but without having to insert the disc. But it seems really unstable. For example when I go to Scene Select and select a chapter, it plays the wrong chapter. And the chapter number displayed is not the correct chapter number. And the subtitles being displayed are from another part of the movie. Is Zidoo still working out bugs with the Bluray/DVD menu support? I would rather not return it but I might, this is disappointing.
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