New Z20pro - can’t see files inside Samba Internal Drive folder

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619BPD)' started by David Dean, Jul 20, 2023.

  1. geebolt

    geebolt Member

    Okay, I just copied a 39.8gb file from the internal drive of the Zidoo to my PC with no problem. However, trying to copy the same file from the PC back to the Zidoo results in that error. I typically remove the internal drive and mount it in a USB caddy to my PC to copy large files to the Zidoo drive which is why I haven't seen this before. Still, having an SMB share that works outweighs this issue and I'll leave it formatted exfat until Zidoo fixes the NTFS issue. I'm grateful you posted the exfat solution earlier.
  2. DennisTheMenace

    DennisTheMenace Active Member

    yes this is a bug of windows with large files and exfat. That's why it works great on Mac and Android to Windows. But unfortunately not from Windows to Android. At least if the files are of a certain size. around 17GB, I don't know exactly from what size the error occurs. I just wanted to let you know that formatting your disks to exfat is not a permanent solution. At least not if you want to copy large files from Windows to the Zidoo.
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  3. video939

    video939 New Member

    Any update on this? Have they mentioned about fixing it?
  4. pcristi

    pcristi Active Member

    Let us know if you can try to make an NTFS HDD empty folder 11-22-33 then connect to the Zidoo and check if you see all folders.
    This bug looks to be connected with path regex because UUID format difference 419A-6AC6 vs 345E57E89E123EA4.
    Enjoy Zidoo player.
  5. video939

    video939 New Member

    Didn't work.

    I can copy files to the harddrive no problem.

    Just empty folder they show up on the hard drive and run with no issues
  6. pcristi

    pcristi Active Member

    Thanks for testing, looks like only works if "-" are in the UUID.
  7. geebolt

    geebolt Member

    It's a Windows thing. NTFS formatting doesn't seem to work and EXFAT formatting won't work when copying from a PC to the Zidoo if the file is something like 17 or 18 gb or larger
  8. SebaFR74

    SebaFR74 New Member

    Hi, is any news for all the problem ? i juste recevied mine, but i didn't tested it, i put the 16 TB in my pc windows with sata, and create a NTFS partition.
    Is it the best way, is everyone having the issue of hiding folder ?

    i will see tomorrow, if i dont see the folder i copied in, i will have to format in exfat ? and wait for the network copy problem ? thanks
  9. Qayal

    Qayal New Member

    If you format the disc with NTFS in Windows it will see folders just fine, you may get errors when copying large files but if you just click try again they will work.

    But TBH I found just using a USB3 caddy is a lot easier and more reliable until they fix the network share problems.
  10. SebaFR74

    SebaFR74 New Member

    Thanks, so i formated my hdd in NTFS, work in ziddo and in caddie usb in my windows.
    But i can't see the folder like eveyone, in share windows network.

    I only the uuid of the hdd, and a hiddenf older .HomeTheater, and see files inside.

    I hope they will not resolve this issues in many month !

  11. SebaFR74

    SebaFR74 New Member

    Hi, i copied files yesterday, and i dont why, but now i see a folder, i have created !
    But i dont know if i did from zidoo or my pc !

    I need to try to create a new folder from zidoo, and check if i see it from my windows network samba.
    So strange !

    Anyone had the same thing ? or you never see the folder ?
  12. SebaFR74

    SebaFR74 New Member

    I wonder if it's working, when you connect the hdd on your pc with sata, and if you create a folder, you can see it later, and not when the Hdd if connected to your PC with USB enclosure.
  13. Ashwin R

    Ashwin R New Member

    Looking forward to a fix. I have a Network drive with all my movie backups. Looking to use this drive as backup (Mirror) for failsafe. Currently trying out the workarounds herein.
  14. Marten

    Marten New Member

    Try this fix:

    On a windows machine go to the properties of the drive.
    Click on advanced in the security tab.
    Change the owner to Everyone and give Everyone full control

    This fixed the poblem for me

    Oh forgot to mention i formatted it as NTFS with 4K cluster size

  15. Marten

    Marten New Member

    Unfortunately it did only fix it temporary.

    Now two days later files are dissapearing from the share, while they are still visible in the poster wall and file explorer.
    Very weird bug. Hope it will be fixed soon as i cant use a synctool as long as it can't compare the two drives.

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