New version 1.2.50/1.2.80 for DMP-A6/DMP-A8 release

Discussion in 'Eversolo DMP-A8' started by mirror, Jan 31, 2024.

  1. AlexisFr

    AlexisFr New Member

    I've also a DMP-A8 with the 1.2.80 version.

    With the "gain track", the sound was very "uncomfortable" with some instruments: electric guitar for example.
    It is very different when I disable the "gain": The sound becomes more "normal".

    I've bought it on Amazon two weeks ago: I'm not sure to keep it.

    I've sent an email to Eversolo, maybe I will be able to test the 1.2.60.

    Edit: Eversolo answers that we can't reverse to 1.2.60: It's too difficult.
    They also say that nothing has changed on the sound.
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  2. Ctrl KML

    Ctrl KML New Member

    I've opened developer options and made a factory reset before downgrading but still system is checking the version. are you sure that way works. maybe you can share the full instructions that you got from the eversolo support.
  3. zavrus

    zavrus New Member

    That works for sure, I know at least two people from here who followed the instruction and everything was OK.
    As for instruction itself I was asked to not share publicly, so I should respect this Eversolo's support request. You can PM me.
  4. Ctrl KML

    Ctrl KML New Member

    Zavrus, thank you. I managed to downgrade to 1.2.60.
    There are two ways to open the developer options section, when I opened it from the first section I tried, system did not skip the version check. After poking around a little more, I probably found the place you mentioned.
    Just as I got rid of the annoying problems I had in version 1.2.80, I think the sound is stronger/meatier in 1.2.60, especially in the mid-frequency range. In fact, when I compare it with my lovely record player, I think I still wouldn't say no to a sound with a little more body in the mid and lower-mid frequency range.
    Still, I think the dmp-a8 is a great, great-playing music player.
    Also, 1.2.60 has a more surround sound. This reveals the difference in layer/depth in the sound. in other words, at 1.2.60 the sound is full of life, more human.
    OK, there may be some shortcomings in 1.2.60, but at least at the current stage, it is a more preferable version for me.
    I hope 1.2.95 surpasses all of them and the "magnificent a8" becomes even more glorious.
  5. papamumin

    papamumin New Member

    Hi admin
    Just received my A8 and am very pleased with it. However, the unit is on firmware 1.2.80, and says the software is up to date. I'd like to download the update so it's really Roon Ready - right now can play via Airplay.
    Where do I download the latest firmware, please? Tried everywhere on the website, and can't see anything.
    Thank you.
  6. Bergholdt

    Bergholdt Well-Known Member

  7. papamumin

    papamumin New Member

    Thanks so much, Bergholdt! By chance it came through automatically when you answered. (Or was is by chance?) Installed now, and playing via my Roon Core. Hurray!
  8. Bergholdt

    Bergholdt Well-Known Member

    I have no special powers, when it comes to firmware on your unit :)

    But I’m enjoying Roon on the A8 too…

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