New version 1.2.50/1.2.80 for DMP-A6/DMP-A8 release

Discussion in 'Eversolo DMP-A8' started by mirror, Jan 31, 2024.

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  2. Franc

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    Where I had squeeze lite in the A 8 beta’s it’s now an official feature but somehow not available anymore in my ui. Anyone with the same experience?
  3. Path8022

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    They've fixed the missing icon now. Just reboot and it will reappear.
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  4. Franc

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    Thank you!
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  5. FredsterNL

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    Upgrade went smoothly for me, sadly that on digital output 'missing the first notes' on skipping tracks is not resolved.

    Not sure if relevant, but have seen similar issue on digital out on a PC with 'high end' soundcard: found a small program that stopped stream from stopping by sending small packets until audio resumed
  6. Saman Edirisinghe

    Saman Edirisinghe New Member

    I previously owned DMP-6 ME and opted to go for A8, as I was keen in using the A8 as a single streamer/DAC solution.

    Received my A8 in mid December, and loved the Sound Quality it offered together with the features it offered at that time. As I could remember it came with FW 1.2.50 factory installed and at the time of installing, it prompted me to update to 1.2.60, which I happily did. Never used the DSP feature, it was always Pure Direct sound though my Yamaha RN-2000A. (Eversolo RCA>Amplifier RCA in)

    With 1.2.60, I was amazed by the holographic sound quality of DMP-A8. It had rich, warm midrange, which highlights the vocals and gives pleasure from long time listening. Instrument separation was excellent assisted by the large sound stage and well textured details without making your ears tired. Base notes were adequately rich for music listening, the sound was well balanced and accurate.

    With recommended beta update 1.2.74, I lost the much preferred sound quality to gain few features such as "enhanced REPLAY GAIN display", where many owners have already complained, that it's affecting the original sound quality. Now the A8 is far bellow the Velvet Sound Verita standard and sound has become pretty ordinary. When informed Eversolo, their response was to wait till 1.2.80 official update is released.
    I must say that even with 1.2.80, the A8 never got back to where it was with 1.2.60, in quality of, sound reproduction. It is unfortunate that the device is now performing far bellow what it's capable of and loosing out on serving of it's intended purpose.

    If there's way for me to get back to 1.2.60, I have no hesitation. (I know at this point it's not a viable option)
    Eversolo engineers/developers/customer service/Tech Support : This is for your attention.

    Dear Forum Members: Please chime in, if you have similar experiences.

  7. Bergholdt

    Bergholdt Well-Known Member

    I use both DSP (FIR filters) and ReplayGain (Qobuz). XLR out to active speakers…

    I cannot say that I have experienced a drop in sound quality.

    The issues, I had with Qobuz music ‘stopping and starting’ have gone. Maybe the Qobuz updates (new app / forced re-login) or the API server (whether on the Qobuz side or with Eversolo) were at fault.

    And of course, ReplayGain can be turned off…
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  8. octavius

    octavius Member

    I don't like replay gain too. When I turn on there is no more 15min and I have to turn off because I can't to hear it.
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  9. TSwede

    TSwede New Member

    Hi did anyone else get any further with this? Any way to roll back the firmware?
  10. LameImpala

    LameImpala Member

    I just purchased the A8 today. Am I required to update it upon setup?
  11. Jjb067

    Jjb067 Active Member

    It should prompt you with an on-screen message if there is a firmware update available. But you can always check by going into Settings and looking at the last About section. Beside the current version number there should be an arrow icon. Press this and you get the update section, you can tell it to check for updates here. Another way to get to the same place is under Apps, then Update.
  12. multisport4me

    multisport4me Member

    I am back in the game with a new A8 - this time knowing its not going to be Roon Ready any time soon (or my expectations are much lower than my first go with it). I don't know how or why but the A8 just sounds better to me than the A6ME. At least in my setup. I tried a Rose RS150B and there was no comparison to me - not to mention the RS150B is an unmitigated disaster as far as the firmware/software. I've been humbled. Please don't let me down Eversolo now that I've come crawling back. lol

    Given the many issues with latest firmware whereby some even question a degradation in sound quality - I have opted to stay on 1.2.60 for now and have turned off auto updates. My ears are loving it.
  13. Saman Edirisinghe

    Saman Edirisinghe New Member

    Stay with 1.2.60 if you don't want your sound quality messed up. I still remember how my A8 sounded with 1.2.60, and now regret that I updated to 1.2.80 to gain some unwanted features. No way that I could roll back.
  14. Tentakelpolyp

    Tentakelpolyp New Member

    Thats exactly what i did. I also stay with 1.2.60, cause everybody reported that the actual firmware sounds more worse, compared to 1.2.60. Probably i would update if there is a Roon Certification in future (i gave up to believe), but atm there is no reason to update.
    Does anybody knows how to avoid the update message in the display of the DMP-A8? I need to cancel the auto update every time i switch the DMP-A8 on. Is there an option to avoid those messages, or an IP to block in my router? Probably it is possible to block and ignore the eversolo update server IP?
    I don't like to lose my warm sound and stay with 1.2.60
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  15. Anyone else with 1.2.80 notice fuzzy/staticky audio at times? I can pick it up on familiar tracks, both personal library and Qobuz. I’m blaming the this firmware.
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  16. LameImpala

    LameImpala Member

    I noticed a little sibilance in a few songs, but just thought it might be my room correction on my AVR.
  17. TSwede

    TSwede New Member

    Yeah this thread is still rolling on… It seems there is no way to roll back the firmware. Are Zidoo reading/monitoring this?
  18. Wayne S Blackwood

    Wayne S Blackwood New Member

    My A8 for no reason froze up and the audio started to distort badly. causing me to restart the device. Very scary for if I had the system turned up loud, it may have caused some speaker damage. Very weird and I don't know if it's the new firmware or some other glitch. But it seems that the new firmware is the common denominator here.
  19. Steftyx

    Steftyx New Member

    Yes Same here
    I`ve updated the A6 from (via USB)to1.1.50 and the software hung before it booted up, then I reset the A6 to factory but instead, it updated to V1.1.80(beta) since then I`ve lost the EQ (not in the app either)
    And the main screen is back to default (before 1.1.40)
    I did try to use the USB again to roll back to 1.1.60 without any luck
    Why did the EQ function disappear?
    Thanks for any help!
  20. Steftyx

    Steftyx New Member

    Is it possible to reset the unit back to its original state (August last year) and delete any new firmware software so I can re-install the firmware with the EQ?

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