New firmware v6.0.45 Beta version for ZIDOO Z1000 Pro release

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    Thanks, is there a firmware without the Google apps support?

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    is it also possible to have the changes list?
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    Update log:


    1. Fix the problem that some TVs occasionally switch the frame rate without sound output

    2. Enhance local decoding and fix the problem that individual video sources cannot be played

    3. Fix the problem that the screen saver occasionally flashes back

    4. Fix the occasional lag problem of IPV6 network

    5. Fix the problem that some DV movies cannot be played

    6. Fix the problem that CEC does not take effect when closed and then opened

    7. Optimize online playback

    Local player

    1. Fix the problem of occasional abnormal playback when setting single loop playback

    2. Add the default first audio track function

    3. Fix the problem of abnormal display of poster information

    4. Optimize the resume function

    music player

    1. Fix the problem of occasional playback errors

    2. Optimize playback stability

    Picture manager

    1. Add global folder name exclusion function

    2. Add slideshow press OK button to pause function

    3. Add the switch whether to scan hidden files

    4. Optimize the display UI

    5. Add the function of pressing the information button to display picture information

    6. Add page turning function

    Poster wall

    1. Fix the problem of playing the trailer and entering the screensaver

    2. Added whether to play the sound switch of the trailer

    3. Solve the problem of abnormal selections when the number of TV series is relatively large

    4. Modify partial translation

    5. Optimize the display interface of the edit box

    6. Fix the problem that the poster cannot be saved when rematching and selecting TMDB to match the TV series

    7. Optimize poster loading speed

    8. Solve the problem that the grid list interface sometimes has no focus

    9. Solve the problem that using Douban to match episodes cannot be classified correctly

    10. Fix the problem of incorrect viewing and recording data in the main interface

    11. Solve the problem that the list is sorted incorrectly after editing the poster title in web mode

    12. Fix the problem that the state is not saved after modifying the sort in card mode

    13. Optimize the matching success rate

    14. Optimize the UI display of the setting interface

    File manager

    1. Optimize partial translation

    2. Fix the problem of playing record error

    Quick settings

    1. Add the default first audio track setting

    hot key

    1. Add PIP shortcut keys

    2. Add shutdown shortcut


    1. Add PIP shortcut key function

    2. Fix the problem that it will automatically enter the screensaver
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  6. Trimonium

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    Thanks for the Log. Have to wait for the next updates to see if my problemes with the aspect ratio and and standard audio track will be solved. :(
  7. rozel

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    Has this firmware release knocked out the Samba Server facility? It was working perfectly on the previous 35_G beta firmware but after upgrading to 45_G and spending 2 hours messing around, my Windows PC will just not see my Zidoo Z1000 Pro.
  8. Mabon

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    No. Samba is still working perfectly for me with 45_G :)!
  9. rozel

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    Thanks - I shall try and sort again tomorrow.
  10. rozel

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    Yep - I turned on my player just now and it immediately appeared in my Windows 10 PC :) Not really sure what happened though.
  11. Mabon

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    As all good tech support people say "Have to tried switching it off and then switching it back on again?" ;)
  12. rozel

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    Lol yes - but I did this several times the other day!
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