New firmware v6.0.19 Beta version for ZIDOO Z9X release

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    Changelog (Google translate):
    1. Add custom options for color depth and chroma of different resolutions and frame rates
    2. Optimize the problem that the long key time of the remote control is too short
    3. Local playback adds the function of matching frame rate and resolution
    4. The problem that the SMB path cannot be selected by modifying the shortcut settings for custom wallpapers
    5. Fix RANGE settings cannot be saved and the screen will flicker when switching to 16-235
    6. Improve device compatibility, and solve some display devices that may flicker in automatic mode (EDID compatibility)
    7. Modified the issue of some DV movies playing stuck
    8. Fix the problem of asymmetrical upper and lower black borders of movies in certain ratios when using VS10 or LLDV mode
    9. Fix the problem of incorrect ratio when online video is cut to 4K
    10. Optimize online playback
    11. Repair the poster wall cannot be restored from the original backup
    12. Fix the problem that some projections cannot be switched to 3D mode
    13. Increase the machine sleep CEC to turn off the TV function
    14. Optimize the playback of DTS CUE music files
    15. Fix the setting of bt2020 mode on TVs that do not support 10bit. Problem with abnormal resolution
    16. Fix the problem that the playback of 4K Blu-ray navigation will become 1080P
    17. Optimized Blu-ray navigation frame rate switching
    18. Fix the problem that third-party players cannot play
    19. The system adds a screen saver function
    20. Fix the problem that the quick setting crashes when only the AV output is connected
    21. Local player information button adds file name display
    22. Fix the problem that the local player's bit rate gets wrong
    23. Added HDR output display for local player information key
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