New firmware v2.1.30 version for ZIDOO X9S

Discussion in 'X9S Official Firmware Releases' started by leonkoum, Sep 26, 2019.

  1. blasiusx

    blasiusx Member

    How do you go back to 2.1.28 ? Recovery Image 2.1.1 or 1.4.x ?
  2. icsi

    icsi New Member

    In transmissionBT the 'port-closed' problem is fixed?
  3. Iamgroot23

    Iamgroot23 New Member

    I flashed the unit and went back to 1.4.x and reinstalled FW 2.1.28
  4. blasiusx

    blasiusx Member

    Thank you. I do it at the same way, but my X9s don't reboot anymore. :(
  5. Roman Unucka

    Roman Unucka New Member

    We are experimental rabbits.
    You probably made a flash to the wrong version of img. You probably have a newer box. When did you buy it and with what FW?
  6. blasiusx

    blasiusx Member

    I think it's right. I flashed Recovery FW 1.4.12, but it was a newer Box with Factory FW 2.1.1. :(:mad:

    But I found out only afterwards. Nothing works anymore, neither flashing any other recovery nor the emergency boot recovery. Can't do anything.

    But one Question: Does anyone know if it is safe in any case to flash the 2.1.1 Recovery Firmware? I mean, on older and new versions of the X9S?

    I've two Devices here that are okay, but with FW 2.1.30 now, and will go back to FW 2.1.28. Both are 1,5 Years old (Originally with FW 1.2.x).
  7. Roman Unucka

    Roman Unucka New Member

    Where did you find out that you had this version of FW ?
    Do you remember that?
    I bought my Zidoo X9S 11/2017.
    I can't find out what my first FW was there. There is no sticker on the box indicating the date of manufacture or the version of the supplied FW.
  8. blasiusx

    blasiusx Member

    I Remember that. The Bricked Box was newer (half Year) than my two old devices, and it had FW 2.1.1 on it. But i don't thought, that there is a difference. Now i know it.
    Zidoo should revise his instructions for a recovery flash here, because basically you can use it to destroy some new devices.
  9. Roman Unucka

    Roman Unucka New Member

    I found this info from GEDEON
    "It seems a known issue. Devices manufactured after july-2017 come with new firmware in which any downgrade attempt could brick it.

    So I'm not sure now. I'd rather wait for the new FW.
  10. blasiusx

    blasiusx Member

    I wait for new FW, too. Don't want to risk a twice Brick.

    Have email contacted the Support and described the Bugs with FW 2.1.30 and a Link to this Thread. They told me to escalate it to Development.
  11. Suat

    Suat New Member

    Does kodi work?
  12. Stefano C

    Stefano C Member

    Since 2.1.30 firmware I have an issue: clock dosen't work while playing videos
  13. crettzu

    crettzu New Member

    I upgraded to v2.1.30 ... when I see a movie no longer shows the time on the display ... the display shows: 00:00 .. I mention that I have set to show the time on the display ...
    What to do?
  14. mrgardiner

    mrgardiner New Member

    Hello, Does 4K work for people? I get a green screen. Before the OTA to 2.1.28 it was fine. I also have an issue with HVEC content. It shows pixelated for most of the screen, with part of the video playing clear outside the box covering most of the screen. I am using regular KODI instead of the ZDMC. thank you.
  15. Jeroni

    Jeroni New Member

    Greetings, after updating to this version 2.1.30, I can not play mp3 music files, how can I fix it ... Thanks
  16. Franconian

    Franconian Member

    2.1.30 was the first firmware I had issues with: With each file I had a short audio drop for 0,5-1 seconds after 10-15 Minutes, maybe an issue with my Denon AVR, but a few people confirmed that too . Rolled back to 2.1.28 and it's gone.
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  17. akis

    akis New Member

    I have this problem, but this i have after update firm. 2.1.1 to everything firm.
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  18. Kirol_007

    Kirol_007 New Member

    This is my problem, too. I thought it was wrong.

    Does going back to 2.1.28 really fix the problem?
  19. Kirol_007

    Kirol_007 New Member

    I see it is not recommended to downgrade ...

    New firmware expected lately?
  20. Vinny4K

    Vinny4K Member

    I think, it depends on how you use it.
    I only use the mediaplayer part for Blu Ray and UHD MKV Remux from external USB.
    No problems with that.

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