New firmware v2.1.30 version for ZIDOO X10 release

Discussion in 'X10 Official Firmware Releases' started by pavlin67, Sep 30, 2019.


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    that well may be a very expensive unit to purchase unless you wait for the cut down version of it .
  2. Akeela

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    Uff, I've already bought(now, to be more precise) an x20 :), my Panasonic, TX-65EXX789, 4K PRO HDR 3D is very good for x20.

    Untill now I can say this: with an 1080p native TV(65 inch) and a blu ray film, and a good stereo amplifier and a good pair of floor stereo boxes, you can see at high standard movies, HDR, HLG, Dolby Vision, etc... don't worth it.
    My opinon.
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