New firmware v2.1.25 version for ZIDOO X9S release

Discussion in 'X9S Official Firmware Releases' started by mirror, May 5, 2019.

  1. szefo

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    Exactly as he wrote Vinny4K.
    You will receive a brick when you try to install firmware version 1.4.12 on the prefix with the firmware 2.1.1. What's the problem:
    The problem is 99% of consoles, which originally contained this software (2.1.1), and judging by the reviews, they all have such a disadvantage. Only one output, never try to create a lower version on this console.
  2. Orthon

    Orthon Member

    If it's stable can you put it on the OTA upgrade? If I check for newer version it always says I'm having the latest firmware, and I'm using v2.0.34.
  3. Agnul

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    [QUOTE = "Vinny4K, post: 89316, membro: 9259"] Penso che tu debba aggiornare di nuovo il tuo X9S con questa guida:
    Quindi è lo stesso dell'installazione di fabbrica.
    Il file di immagine è anche lì.

    Ma so che la nuova spedizione dell'X9S ha aggiornato un firmware (ho anche capito 2.1.1), quindi non so se questo è un problema.

    Ho letto questo:
    Attenzione .. se la tua scatola è stata spedita con v2.1.1 ..
    NON eseguire il downgrade del firmware sotto 2.1.1

    La tua scatola rimarrà bloccata per sempre e nessuna procedura disponibile per ripristinarla .. non con il ripristino di emergenza, anche con il metodo usb uart ttl. Zidoo dev qualche cosa cambia la console di comando e l'utente bloccato per recuperarlo.

    Ho morto x9s steso in scatola a causa di questo.

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  4. Agnul

    Agnul Member

    ciao ho provato a seguire la guida, ma ho ancora questa immagine. Che cosa sto facendo di sbagliato?
  5. Vinny4K

    Vinny4K Active Member

    Don't know what the problem is.
  6. szefo

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  7. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    for what i know, they dont profide ota anymore since 2.0.25
    for me i prefer download it first then update it by usb coz its more safe if you have slow internet connection like me :(
  8. Tony23

    Tony23 New Member

    Hi and sorry for my English, with this version I have problems in storing the films of the various hard disks, that is with the 2.1.22 firmware every scan was saved and recalled immediately with the insertion of the hard disk, in this new firmware it starts again to scan each time with waits that go beyond two minutes. It also happens to you or it's just my problem.
  9. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    if you have backup your scanned result, just restore it
    i`m using 3hdd with my X9S, 2hdd sticked it to USB3.0 port with my docking and one hdd sticked it to sata port
    and i dont have any problem with HT
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  10. Tony23

    Tony23 New Member

    Thanks to the interest, but with the previous firmware when the hard disk was inserted it resumed the automatic saving in the device profile I could see all the hard drives scanned and saved by zidoo, while now I only see the last one after it has redo the scan (every time I have to wait + two minutes) I wouldn't want you to be wrong about saving the devise. Thank you
  11. trendkill

    trendkill New Member

    still no left to right hebrew support
    the punctuation still on the wrong direction
    you used to have support for old subtitles that solved this problem but no more
  12. gadgetman

    gadgetman Active Member

    Every new firmware i try the problematic menu's on Aliens blu-ray then close encounters 4k. Well it's gets further than normal but when you play just the main movie, you now have a popup shortcut menu to jump to different titles ie special edition/directors cut e.t.c. Fantastic this is now the best media player on the market well done to the software engineers.
  13. BREY

    BREY Member

    At me display of the list of paths or subtitles is appointed to colour buttons. Very seldom it works as it is necessary. Basically as on video - time with 20th. It on all insertions where this function is. It is possible to force to work always it regularly?
    On video there is a small circle with colour buttons is I write down work on CEC from the TV (specially that the quantity of pressing would be visible). From the native panel absolutely as. Sometimes the menu blinks and at once disappears.
  14. mohamed75

    mohamed75 New Member

    Hello, my x9s i working with fw 2.1.24 i think it is beta, i got it from this link
    is it ok to update to 2.1.25 or it will cause problems?
    was anyone using the same version and managed to update successfully?
    thx in adv
  15. mohamed75

    mohamed75 New Member

    How to save scan results?
  16. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Well-Known Member

    Update on:

    “Quick setting
    1. Added function of locking resolution”

    So far so good. It looks like this function fixed my issue of Zidoo waking up and no signal on LG OLED TV.
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  17. Orthon

    Orthon Member

    Is the issue when playing video with ass subtitle fixed? The gallery app crashes *a lot* in 2.1.22.
  18. Franconian

    Franconian Active Member

    Haven't you used the "Auto" setting before? Which one are you using now?
  19. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Well-Known Member

    That is under Quick settings > Display. It effects Zidoo graphic interface home Android screen and Home Theater (Poster Wall) not the movie playback. To adjust the movie go to Quick Settings > Player if I remember correctly. Player should be in auto resolution and frames per second.

    The poster wall and home screen resolution and refresh rate under Quick Settings > Display are independent from movie playback and it looks better on high resolution and 60fps. Posters open to full screen in smooth motion. It would cause "No HDMI Signal" issue on my LG OLED after Zidoo comes out of sleep mode if left in auto. Something with EDID tags handshake after wake up between the two. Locking resolution / refresh rate at 4K / 60Hz and ignore EDID tags fixes "No HDMI Signal" issue after Zidoo waking up in my case.
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  20. mohamed75

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