New firmware v2.1.14 beta version for ZIDOO X10 released

Discussion in 'X10 Official Firmware Releases' started by zidoo, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. hifikid80

    hifikid80 Member

    is the pop noises still exists with new firmware when playing 4K blurays?
  2. droiter

    droiter Member

    with the new firmware, it changes the name of the hard disk share in openwrt. it is impossible to change the name of the share, because at the next start of the zidoo, it takes back its old name.
    Do you have a solution?
  3. Claudiu

    Claudiu Member

    Is it still not possible to delete a video from HT20? Or at least enter the file manager from the HT20 interface directly into the file's folder. This is sad. It takes minutes to delete a file after viewing it with HT20: exit interface, launch file manager, find file, delete, exit file manager, open HT20. Do this for every episode in a series and get old while wasting time.
  4. Claudiu

    Claudiu Member

    No more 1080p23.976 hdmi output resolution for this firmware? Only 1080p24? Now we have to wait for resolution switch for almost every movie and serie, as they are filmed at 23.976, not 24 fps. This is bad.
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  5. Claudiu

    Claudiu Member

    Really, nobody has a problem with this? Am I the only one not having 23.976 fps output resolution in settings?
  6. Siju Thomas

    Siju Thomas New Member

    You can go to setting under “developer options “ turn on YST. Then you can set your display option as 4K or 1080p 23hz it’ll be set at 23.96hz , only thing your automatic framerate will not work after this .
  7. SBS

    SBS New Member

    2.0.34 BETA version... 2.1.14 BETA version... Last stable version was released in May.
    How long wait for new stable version for X10? Or all attention is now for a new toy Z10?
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  8. Max-78

    Max-78 Member

    I'd say, that Z10 is the 'stable' version of X10 ;-) :p
  9. Miguel Ramos

    Miguel Ramos Member

    I agree with you on this. To avoid all steps I access the X10 through the PC selecting the Hdd to delete the video files.
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  10. Claudiu

    Claudiu Member

    Does anybody else also have problems with internal subtitles in this firmware? Since updating, internal subtitles don't appear on screen. Only external subtitles are working.
  11. andys

    andys Member

    to when a good firmware?, we must stay with this full of problems!!
  12. Claudiu

    Claudiu Member

    Subtitles turned up after a cold reboot.
    But still missing 23.976 fps in settings.
  13. Siju Thomas

    Siju Thomas New Member

    turn on yst in developer options. youll unlock all resolutions.
  14. ssuper87

    ssuper87 New Member

    Beta verion ?

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