New firmware v2.0.34 beta version for ZIDOO X10 release

Discussion in 'X10 Official Firmware Releases' started by mirror, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. HaoSs

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    yah well, play a video on a PC :p , my next tv box will probably be an AMD APU ( you can go from the new announced athlon 2C/4T up to a R5 4C/8T at 35W TDP, just enough for pasive cooler), you can build a full PC for the price of a z10
  2. domifer

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    It has been quite a while now since anyone from Zidoo announced any new firmware or feature, apart from a future Music Player version 3.0 (which has no confirmed date) nothing else. Summer is long gone, or is it that now X10 doesn't matter too much, and they are concentrating into the new products X20, Z10 etc etc) ?
    Beside that all the last firmwares have been all BETA. o_O

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member


    They have just released a new firmware ! 2.1.12 beta

    And new Music Player 3.0 Alpha !
    On x9s
    But X10 be any day

    You must of been sleeping .
  4. domifer

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    Sleeping? I check this forum every day, and I do not check X9, my device is X10 and this is the one I am talking about not X9, X8 etc. SO, no, I am not sleeping, and what you are talking about hasn't been announced for my device. Music Player is in Alpha state, do you even know what does mean?
    It was announced already some weeks ago, and still in alpha state?
    Also you have just confirmed my post -> All firmware releases are BETA. For more than a year now, actually. Is that normal to you?

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    The x9s , x8 , x10 are basically the same hardware as such
    The X9s is normally the first to get the firmware release then after that the x range follow shortly after ......

    It has always been the way and logical .

    Beta or Alpha release does not bother me as long as it works on your system if not revert back a previous firmware .

    Or i guess wait for the final gold release .
    But you may have to wait a while .

    At least they announce a beta is coming soon or maybe a while .......
    Just gotta be patient .

    At least we are still getting updates .
  6. domifer

    domifer Member

    Yes , they may have the same hardware but the firmwares are not compatible, so until we have a firmware for X10, the only thing useful of seeing an X9 firmware published is, that you can sume that in some days the X10 version will arrive.
    So I should be grateful that , they are still publishing every 2-3 months a beta firmware for our product... hmmm last official (not beta) firmware is 1.5.0 published at beginning of December last year... no comment on that. Everyone can draw their own conclusions.
    and, make no mistake, I am generally happy with my X10, with it's good things and it's flaws. But I do feel they should pay more attention to what customers report.

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Just remember as soon as the New Z10 gains momentum slowly the X10 range will loose support ......
    When i dont know .
    But they wont be as often .

    I suppose a bit like blu ray players after a year or two they stopped releasing firmware support so no different .
  8. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    depends on how different the rtd1295 and rtd1296 are
  9. ursiel

    ursiel Active Member

    Frame drops still have not been fixed.

    My x10 is still having tons of frame drops/stuttering while watching movies directly from a USB 3.0 thumb drive. We were told the new firmware fixed the frame stutters but that is simply not true.

    Menu is set to 1080p@60Hz. I output my blu-rays in 1080p with 23.976 enabled. Automatic frame rate is set to "switch frame rate only", since I let my TV upscale. 12bit/YCbCr 422, 16-235 range. I've also tried YCbCr 444, and it still stutters regularly throughout the movies I watch. They are microstutters/frame drops, but they drive me nuts because I can see when it happens.

    I have lost all hope that they will solve this stuttering issue. I have discussed it for moths as other have. Can we please hear something back about this? Why did you tell us the frame drops were fixed when they weren't?
  10. ursiel

    ursiel Active Member

    Also, DVD aspect ratio has not been fixed.

    For months I have reported about this issue, and it still has not been fixed in the latest firmware. All DVDs play in the wrong aspect ratio.

    Because of this, I cannot use this $200 media player to play a 20-year-old DVD. Seriously? Why is this ignored? Many have large libraries of old DVDs. They are unwatchable on this player. PAL is squished and NTSC is stretched.
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    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    I also only view 1080p 24 etc and out of 239 plus movies have come across 1 really bad stutter which i have mentioned here every circa 12 minutes .
    Which i put down to how it is coded / made etc / filled mkv and 2-5gb file .
    I know avoid these smaller files .
  12. ursiel

    ursiel Active Member

    I don't know what to tell you. Maybe you just don't notice it. I am very sensitive to stutter and I'm telling you the x10 stutters constantly on every movie I put on. It's been discussed on the new Dune pro thread too, since it's basically a clone of the Zidoo, but with Dun'es firmware. People over there have confirmed both the Zidoo and the Dune currently still suffer from frame drops/stuttering, roughly once every five minutes by one estimate, which seems about right to me.

    By the way, these are AVC encoded blu-ray remuxes in the MKV format. Also some are encodes, but most of what I watch are remuxes. And some are full discs. So it has nothing to do with how they are encoded. Those same files do not stutter on other media players I own like the Mede8er and the old WDTV Live.

    The fact is this chip is known to have a problem with 23.976 stutter (and likely other frame rates too, like 24.000, PAL, etc.), as can be seen by the fact that the new Dune with the same chip also has the same issue which is being discussed over on AVS. Dune is working on it. Maybe it can't be fixed due to the nature of the issue being baked into the chip. The question is - is Zidoo even looking into it? They said it was fixed and it isn't.

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    My collection are lately 10 - 20 gb mkv and apart from one really bad stutter 12 min repeating mkv [ 2-5 gb file ]
    That is all ive seen on my Prof Plasma Monitor .
    Oh and i do see momentary stutter and bad encoded mkv as my screen picks up any input thats of mediocure of Quality and exaggerates it by 10 !

    I avoid small mkv files as that is what causing issues of late that i have experienced .

    Cannot comment on 1:1 blu remuxes etc as dont use .
  14. Blackbeen

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    Yeah, well what I do to use a remote, DVDFab Media Player 3 plays any BD I can throw at w/o a flaw, I could almost get by with a wireless mouse.
  15. videobruce

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    I have to agree, at least they are providing updates and they have a changelog. There are plenty of other electronics products out there that do neither, especially to provide a changelog! And I'm not just talking about these Chinese 'TV boxes" as they call them. ;)
  16. videobruce

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    There are no aspect settings?
  17. ursiel

    ursiel Active Member

    Nothing that fixes the 4:3 aspect ratio issues of DVDs (and rips of DVDs). The new Dune pro player which uses the exact same chip and is essentially the same player as the Zidoo other than the Dune firmware also has the same issue - it's been discussed in the Dune threads.

    It must be a chip issue but it's sad that it can't be fixed. Dune promises their upcoming custom disc player software will fix it, but who knows for sure until it arrives? As for the Zidoo, I really wish they would address it. It's pretty ridiculous that DVDs are unplayable on a media player designed to be the entertainment hub of your system.

    It may be something specific about the dimensions of DVD 4:3 aspect ratio files, because even remuxes from 4:3 DVDs have the same issue, so it's not just the disc structure that's throwing it off - it's actually the SD 4:3 dimensions. Yet HD 4:3 material plays correctly.
  18. videobruce

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