New firmware v1.9.7 beta version for ZIDOO Z10 released

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    Update list:

    1.Optimize small probability green screen and quit playing when playing local video
    2.Optimize HDR to SDR display
    3.Optimize HDR display
    4.Added DLNA function
    5.Fixed the problem of the Downmix HD Audio output switch does not work after reboot
    6.Modify the default wallpaper
    7.Added the optical drive function
    - Support CD/DVD/BD SATA and USB optical drive
    - Add an optical drive device to the file manager left device list when there is optical drive access. The content area can display multiple optical drives and support volume label, and the menu key can be used to operate the current optical drive
    - Support for un-encrypted DVD/BD playback, support for Blu-ray and DVD navigation, and any file supported by player stored in the optical disk
    8.Optimize system stability
    1.Fixed 3840*1080 full width 3D video scale display error
    2.Add response pause, fast forward and other shortcut function keys on the Subtitle list interface
    3.Optimize the video information interface display
    4.Optimize subtitle language display
    5.Added the press 'DOWN' key to show the video information interface when video is pause
    6.Fixed the problem that UI cannot be displayed full when video is pause
    7.Added pause the video time when frame rate switching
    8.Optimize playback menu loop operations
    9.Fixed prolem that the number of audio track is limit to 24
    10.Added HDR to SDR Gamma settings
    1.Fixed Transmission disconnect the server connection sometimes
    2.Fixed the problem that SMB can't share devices
    3.Fixed Aria download task disappears when restarting devie
    4.Fixed Aria disconnect the server connection sometimes
    5.Fixed Transmission download task disappears when restarting machine
    6.Fixed Transmissiont download no speed problem
    7.Fixed smb share showing invalid device problem
    Blu-ray navigation
    1. Added resume playback function (synchronize playing record with local player)
    2. Optimize the saving mechanism of single video subtitle
    3. Fixed the problem that the idol progress bar does not show
    4. Fixed the problem that part of video cannot display external subtitles
    5. Fixed part of the navigation failure problem
    6. Fixed HDR to SDR parameters do not work
    1. Change the max file size of background music to 30MB
    File manager
    1. Fixed problems caused by unresponsiveness of applications due to emergent access to NFS
    2. Added the function of video play record. The watched video will show a 'eye' icon on the right
    3. Added the optical drive list function
    4. Added AIF music support
    5. Fixed the problem that the status of optical drive display wrong
    6. Added hard disk space hint
    7. Optimize SMB and NFS rescan display mode
    Quick settings
    1.Added color depth prompt text
    2.Fixed the problem of the Downmix HD Audio output switch does not work after reboot
    3.Added openwrt reset function
    4.Added DLNA switch
    5.Added setting of pausing video time when frame rate switching
    6.Added clean up APP data function
    7.Added HDR to SDR Gamma settings
    Wall Poster
    1.Fixed the problem that video with demo cannot enter the poster wall through file manager
    2.Fixed the problem of rematch interface to add episodes without input number error
    3.Fixed the problem UI cannot be displayed full screen
    3.Optimized display of language list setting
    4.Optimize the ability to rematch data
    5.Added rating source settings
    6.Added scraper source settings
    1.Local upgrade can choose network device upgrade file function (NFS and SMB)
    Music player 3.0
    1. Modified the original layout of music player 3.0, separate the music list and play interface, and put the play panel at the bottom to restore the user's customary operation mode.
    The control is optimized according to the box characteristics
    2. New categories are added by artist and by album. Now the playlist is divided into 6 categories: collection, all songs, artist, album, song list and folder.
    3. New song categories by genre can be viewed in all songs
    4. New artist categories by region can be found in the list of artists
    5. Added a new song list system, and users can classify and store the songs according to their favorite ways
    6. Play details is now a separate interface where song information, file information and lyrics are displayed
    7. New sorting function
    8. New view switch function, grid view and list view, artist classification and unique poster wall view
    9. New search function, and support song, artist, album classification search, and can edit every element found
    10. Optimized the effect of the lyrics, and the lyrics display is accurately positioned to word by word, so that the lyrics display is more accurate
    11. Support for new transliteration lyrics and translation lyrics
    Optimize lyrics search, now mainstream songs can be searched basically
    13. New manual lyrics search function is added, and the lyrics effect of search results can be previewed, so that users can choose the most suitable lyrics according to the effect
    14. Now the folders added by the user will be uniformly placed in the folder category of the music list for easy editing of the folders
    15. Optimized the original scanning mode. Now the song scanning will be carried out in the background and the songs will be updated dynamically
    16. You can see the progress of the scan in the folder list in the scan and stop the scan at any time
    17. Now, when scanned the CD image file music or the FLAC,APE and WAV files with CUE, the single is directly parsed and the single is matched for song, the image file is matched for album, and then classified into different lists
    18. The resolved singles will be put in all the songs like regular music, and will also be put in the corresponding album according to the song information matched
    The CD's mirror image matches the album to be placed on the album list, and the album contains the complete singles that are parsed from the file
    The folders of mirrored songs will only show mirrored files as files, and the playback will play all the songs in the files from beginning to end.
    21. Added a play queue. When the user clicks the list song for playing, the playlist will be automatically added to the list where the song is.
    The play queue also provides all added songs and all favorites/unfavorites, as well as the ability to edit or move a single song from the list
    22. The control of the mobile phone follows the original layout and operation mode, which is consistent with the function and previous version
    23. Supports APE/FLAC/WAV/AIF/DTSCD/MP3 / SACD ISO/DFF/DSF file playback, support for the DSD file decoding the highest sampling rate of 192 Khz, DSF file decoding the highest sampling rate 176.4 Khz
    24.Fixed problem that ongoing icon remains the first song when playing SACD format music.
    25.Fixed problem that playing time and song time mixed when in CUE format
    26.Fixed problem that the time of every song is same after SACD files divided
    27.Fixed problem that playlist misses divided files when play in SACD and APE formats.
    28.Added playlist of SADC format
    29.Fixed the problem of unable playing of ape format files when playing in song list
    30.Optimized residual information of last file when switched
    31.Fixed problem that song duration of several ape files obtains wrongly
    32.Fixed song duration of last files in CUE format obtains wrongly when play starting from album and artist
    33.Optimized the display logic and display effect of the original album song list
    34.Fixed the occasional problem of the hint of no responding
    35.Fixed the problem of playing music from the file manager repeating causes the application to report an error.
    36.Fixed the problem of inconsistent sorting between playlist and file manager when play starting from file manager
    37.Fixed some UI display
    38.Fixed the mismatching of lyric and time when playing CUE files
    39.Fixed the unworkable circle mode
    40.Fixed the occasional no responding of rematching
    41.Added positive sequence and reverse of time display
    42.Added circle mode of playback Menu
    43.Added menu of single song in folder
    44.Fixed the problem of possible crackle when first play music in apk
    45.Optimized fluency of interface
    46.Fixed the current time obtained wrongly of APE files
    47.Optimized lyrics synchronization
    48.Optimized time display
    49.Fixed the wrong information of ongoing songs when play in ape formats
    50.Fixed the wrong song information when switched automatically to next one ape or wav format files
    51.Added shortcut key of menu to open play list
    52.Added compilation facility of cue format songs
    53.Fixed the problem of unsuccess to search lyric in file manager when play CUE format songs

    Download url:
    md5: 51C8DF2DA8C50375ED8CE12B857D1E59

    If you have installed google play kit, please reinstall it after upgrade.

    How to upgrade
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  2. Hany

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    please check the update zip file, it is corrupted
    already tried different browsers, download managers, pcs, the zip is corrupted,
    also verification fails during the update process

    in the 1.7.8 firmware, all apps fail to gain writing access permission to the HDD, hope this major issue to be fixed in the coming stable firmware. the box is unusable in this current state.
  3. DracUK

    DracUK New Member

    Yes same here, file corrupted cant update get error "check your package"
  4. Hany

    Hany New Member

    it looks like they fixed the update on the server without even bothering to tell that they did so.
    the device still very buggy even after the update.
    the forum is so quiet and product support is non existent
  5. DracUK

    DracUK New Member

    Thanks Hany finally updated thanks to you and not word or anything are they alive there

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  7. websurfing8096

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    Sorry Guy, may I know where I can download the fixed update ? Thanks in advance.
  8. splintyg

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