RELEASE New firmware v1.0.21 for ZIDOO X1 release

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X1' started by spring, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. spring

    spring Guest

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  2. Gianluca Rigon

    Gianluca Rigon New Member

    Thank you very much !
    In your opinion there is a chance to see the new release of Kodi on the firmware for X1 ?

    Thanks again !
  3. Ant werpen

    Ant werpen New Member

    Thank you very much !
  4. spring

    spring Guest

    it is v15.2 now.
  5. 720p

    720p Member Beta test group

    I was on 18.1 I guess, with custom kodi release. I've uninstalled the kodi together with the rest of the apps from playstore, and then upgrade to latest version
    The upgrade went ok, but now there is NO KODI installed..
    Where is the kodi apk ? It was suppose to to come in this release ?
  6. spring

    spring Guest

    you can find the kodi apk in /system/preinstall/kodi.apk.
  7. bryanfuria

    bryanfuria New Member

    but this version is also compatible with the app "smart IPTV"? thank you
  8. StIwY

    StIwY New Member

    Thanks^^. I hope for more improvements next time!

    Watching videos from Youtube apps, is awful, since they are NOT smooth, but full of frame drops..
  9. ahmaduk8

    ahmaduk8 New Member

    We need latest USB firmware image please.

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