RELEASE New firmware v1.0.17 for ZIDOO X1 release

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X1' started by spring, Aug 12, 2015.

  1. spring

    spring Guest

    Hi all:
    we release new firmware(v1.0.17).And if you don't want to manually update firmware,we will push OTA online a week later,thanks.

    Change list:
    1.Fixed not enough smoothly problem of network video, such as Youtube online video
    2.Fixed not enough smoothly problem of some video that are in samba and other network storage disk
    3.Enhanced support for VC1 video format
    4.Solved black screen problem for large resolution(>480p) WMV3 format video
    5.Improved video rendering efficiency, and other bugs

    1.The navigation bar is hidden by default
    2.Fixed incompletely close problem of HDMI CEC
    3.Fixed didn't boot due to DRM under some circumstances
    4.Fixed IR Remote Contorller doesn't work under some circumstances

    1.Added application market for appsgo
    2.System apk is full-screen

    Warning:If you install other version of kodi, you should uninstall the kodi first, Otherwise you will not update the latest version of Kodi.For video more smoothly,you should open ZDCodec.

    OTA ZIP file :

    How to upgrade:

    IMG(Please download this file then unzip it):

    There is some risk for flashing your BOX, Please be quite careful to make it.(It will clean out user data entirely, please be cautious to do it.)
    How to Flash :
  2. Adl

    Adl Member

    Regarding firmware flash.
    There is a option where , user can select repartition system.
    This is ok to be used or doesn't matter.
  3. barisg

    barisg Member

    Installed via OTA update. Results and observations;

    1. It is 720p kernel.
    2. Still Android 4.4.2, so it still use Dalvik as cache,
    3. Antutu Video Tester 3.0 has the same result of v1.0.16 720p kernel. It fully supports 27 items, and partially supports 3 items. The score is 871
    4. Antutu Benchmark 5.7.1 score is worse then v1.0.16 kernel. It is 15152 now. It was 17208 on the previous release.
    5. Although Zidoo says that KODI is updated and I did not make any other manual update previously, the update comes with KODI v14.2-helix, as it is the old version. Thus, I did not make any further test to KODI.
    6. I did not see any visual improvement in the interface or in the icons. Everything looks the same for the end user point of view.
    7. I did not see or could not find "Added application market for appsgo"
    8. I did not notice any further upgrade on video play with TvdPlay
    9. None of my previous comments to v1.0.14, v1.0.15 and v1.0.16 are included in this update, so they still remain as the end user point of view.
    Overall, it is good to see that there is update coming from Zidoo. But, the processor does not make anything good, rather than playing 4K*2K videos only. People do not buy Android devices just to play video but also to turn their normal TV into Smart TV and even make their 2010/2011/2012/3013 model TV's a Smarter TV. As a result, Zidoo X1 needs to do a lot to make this happen.

    I would strongly suggest Zidoo to use better and faster CPU&GPU on their future devices and make them dual boot for Windows 10 & Android 5 with 2GB RAM, minimum. Otherwise there will be very small chance to stay in the market if they insist to stick on "over priced" low-end devices.
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  4. Jose Ortiz

    Jose Ortiz New Member

    The navbar is now hidden by default as request but status bar is still there at all times (only kodi goes "full" fullscreen) or is it just mine's ? Therefore netflix is still broken
  5. Bluesmanuk

    Bluesmanuk Member

    The point that you make about boxes being more than just a basic video player is quite correct and when you try to utilise the X1 as anything more, then it just can't do anything efficiently, to the point where it's like wading through treacle waiting for the simplest things to process.
  6. Adl

    Adl Member

    In this firmware, kodi is shuttering every 2 sec.
  7. tibcsi0407

    tibcsi0407 Member

    Is there any way to move my existing applications to my SDcard? Is it possible to install the new applications on the card?
  8. 720p

    720p Member Beta test group

    My feedback:
    1 Kodi is not fixed at all, it has the same issues. I've suspected my network share, but the same movies opened from Samba with File Browser and MX player or TVDvideo are running smooth (on the same X1), even at 1080p. So the NAS is ok as speed, there is processing power available on X1 (since mxplayer or tvdvideo is playing ok), the problem is the Kodi software.
    2. HDMI CEC issues seems to be solved for me, as HDMI CEC stays off now. Thanks for fixing it!
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  9. tibcsi0407

    tibcsi0407 Member

    Just delete the ZDMC and install the Kodi 15 or 16 alpha and it will work fine.
  10. barisg

    barisg Member

    I am more optimistic about X6. X1 is already removed from the "Products" section of Zidoo website. I do not know the number of X1 batches sold so far, but Zidoo company shall quickly turn from the mistake, if they want to stay in the market and make themselves a brand name.

    Better and stronger CPU&GPU might provide this capacity if it is strengthen with 2GB "available" RAM for the end user and with much better launcher interface...metallic case, better thermal design on CPU or availability of fan inside the box, much better airmouse and larger cursor for large screen SmartTV's...

    All these might be considered for X6 and I assume Zidoo will gradually fade X1 away from the market and from the support. In this case, when they release SDK, 3rd party developers in Freaktab may continue the support for X1.
  11. Bluesmanuk

    Bluesmanuk Member

    Yes I see that they have withdrawn the X1.

    That was short lived indeed.

    The RK3368 market is going to become quite crowded and success will come down to support, which Zidoo is ahead of the rest with at the moment.

    I'm looking forward to see what Cherry Trail brings to the market too as that may well start to change from Android to Windows on these kind of boxes.

    Bay Trail lacked optical output, 4k support and dual band WiFi support, so if a vendor can make best use of these things on the new platform then they may be onto a winner.
  12. 720p

    720p Member Beta test group

    Well, they kill it quickly, it's 2 months since launch. I was hoping to use X1 as a basic video player but it failed, since I could not find any combination that will make kodi working properly
    -With Kodi supplied by Zidoo I have frame drops every 2 seconds, Audio plays fine, as passthru to my receiver
    -Official Kodi 14.x will not do passthru, even if it;s selected, it will output only stereo
    -Official Kodi 15.0, 15.1 or 16 will passthru audio properly (Dollby or DTS), will playback smooth video, but will drop audio signal at every 2 seconds. If you disable passthru it will play audio nice, but only stereo
    -XBMC will output pink noise if you enable passthru.
    So you will have to chose between fluent audio or fluent video. Or as a compromise, stereo audio instead of 5.1
    My doubt is, if they did not succeed to do a proper kodi for x1, it will be easier for rk3368? Processing power was not an issue for H3 since it was using just 2 cores and anyway it did not hit 100% .
    I like many things at X1, one of it being the remote, which I only start to use this week. I've managed to control also my tv with it, so learnig function is great. But the kodi bugs are disappointing..
  13. spring

    spring Guest

    Hi all:
    Please don't worry, we will always support X1, just like X9. We remove "Products" section of Zidoo website just adjust the website,we'll put a new picture in the adjustment later.
    The video decoder is a long long work, we need more formats video to improve our decoder. In the early stage, our focus is on Blu ray video,we are sorry to ignore some of the format.
    I hope that we can provide more of the film to the problem, and we can improve our decoder.
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  14. barisg

    barisg Member

    When you said learning mouse, are you talking about this one? [​IMG]

    I hardly managed to use it, as it is barely responsive both on mouse and airmouse functionalities. I really wonder how did you manage tomake it learning mouse and control your TV.
  15. spring

    spring Guest

    It means the learning function,not the mouse function.This function is as follows:
    ZIDOO-X1-Android-TV-Box-Allwinner-H3-Quad-Core-1G-8G-LAN-HDMI-4K-2K-H.jpg 20150814_141049.jpg
  16. bryanfuria

    bryanfuria New Member

    I since the last update I have problems with my remote control that sends commands to the box but almost always the zidoo not respond as I do?
  17. spring

    spring Guest

    Is it the first boot?The first boot will install some apps,and the system will slow response a short time.
  18. Member Beta test group

    Kodi not smooth on X1? Why that? I can only using XBMC 13.1 for it :( Kodi is so slowly
  19. Member Beta test group

    And so slow when press the quick launch button on the status bar
  20. LS.TV

    LS.TV New Member

    when you connect the mouse pointer is not working properly .
    Live music is buffered very slow

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