New firmvare v2.3.35 Beta version for ZIDOO Z1000 release

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1296)' started by pavlin67, Sep 11, 2020.

  1. pavlin67

    pavlin67 Member

    Model: ZIDOO_Z1000
    Version number: v2.3.35
    MD5: 6AEB65877F29EC1FECFE59BCF706CAB1
    Upgrade method: OTA
    Changelog (Google translate):
    1. Increase screen saver function
    2. Add support for aiff music files
    3. Optimize DLNA projection function
    4. Add Czech language adaptation
    5. Repair 3D seamless playback

    1. Add press the information button to display poster information
    2. Fix the problem of pressing the function key to continue playing during pause
    3. Optimize subtitle download
    4. Optimize the function of forced subtitles
    5. Optimize the display of player poster information
    6. Fix the problem that the local player's bit rate gets wrong
    7. Added file name display for local player information key
    8. Fix the problem that the shortcut keys cannot switch chapters
    9. Optimize frame rate switching

    Picture manager
    1. New revision of functions
    2. Add custom folder function
    3. Add the function of setting folders as screensaver pictures
    4. Optimize the slideshow function
    5. Fix the problem that the vertical screen picture is stretched in the slide show
    6. Add the function of exclude folder

    Poster wall:
    1. Upgrade version 4.0
    2. Optimize the sorting function of the navigation interface
    3. Fix the problem that Douban cannot match
    4. Solve the problem that the child lock will be ignored when playing directly
    5. Fix the problem of incorrect data after sorting widgets
    6. Optimize the ratio of local trailers
    7. Optimize the sorting function
    8. Optimize the details interface
    9. Fix the problem of incorrect TV viewing records
    10. Modify the problem that the detailed title is too long
    11. When optimizing the list display, the letter navigation and the left side column prompt the picture at the same time
    12. Optimize TV series matching
    13. Fix the problem that Douban cannot match
    14. Add the launch time setting of the trailer in the detail interface

    Music player
    1. Re-upgrade music version 6.0
    2. Optimize album matching logic
    3. Increase the folder function
    4. Optimize the detailed interface display
    5. Increase music setting function
    6. Added support for multiple formats (aiff, nrg, etc.)
    7. Increase CD interface information display
    8. Optimize playback stability

    Quick settings
    1. Increase screen saver settings
    4. Add input method selection settings

    File manager
    1. Optimize the display of playback records
    2. Increase the playback record display switch
    3. Fix the problem that the wallpaper of the file manager is not synchronized occasionally

    Blu-ray navigation
    1. Increase the function of the information button to display movie information
    2. Fix the problem of not being able to navigate after entering the screensaver

    Control center
    1. Optimize connection stability

    App installer
    1. Optimize webpage installation function
    ZDMC v18.8
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  2. arcazal

    arcazal New Member

    The Z1000's USB 3.0 ports still do not work for local playback from a hard drive
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  3. arcazal

    arcazal New Member

    Forced subtitles still don't work. Tested UHD Bluray Lawrence of Arabia. Spanish Audio Settings and Subtitles Off, and the subtitles that appear are in a language other than Spanish. Will you ever get the subtitles to work properly? Regards
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  4. Markus67

    Markus67 New Member

    Still no improvement in picture quality when playing DVD. I own many Concert-DVDs that don"t exist as Bluray and the picture quality on my old Mede8er is significant better.
  5. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    If it is not in the update list don't expect it to be changed. ;)

    The DVD related multiple inconveniences are common for all models and generations.

    The good news: many good improvements from the new RTD1619DR models were carried over. :)
    Even the screensaver was unexpected by me ported.
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  6. Markus67

    Markus67 New Member

    You mean there will be no improvement in further releases regarding DVD (MPEG-2) picture quality?
    The other problems like chapters or subtitles I don"t care...
    That means, I have to use 2 media players simultaneously... :-(
  7. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    I learned never to say never. :D
    Picture player was upgraded after 5 years and seamless branching solved after 2,5 years.
    Will make a list of issues and lets see what happens.

    I will check DVD PQ with my Z9X as X9S => Z9S was already a lot better.
  8. singuser

    singuser New Member

    Please be aware that at least on the Z9S, Music Player 6.0 included in ver 2.3.35 of the firmware is broken. Music Player 6.0 is broken and not scanning sources! It starts scanning and then abruptly exits within a couple of seconds with almost nothing scanned (only some 10 out of my some 1600 files in the folder get scanned before it exits).
  9. singuser

    singuser New Member

    Zidoo needs to roll out a fix asap.
  10. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Don't use the scanning myself at all. Don't like the results as-is as they are useless for me now. :(
    Instead I use media center to find an album in my organized disc structure and start playback from there. In that way MP6 is running fairly well and above all with excellent playback regarding AQ. Do so using Zidoo Controller on my phone which works very well. :)
  11. singuser

    singuser New Member

    As-is, the scanning feature is completely non-functional and, as you say, useless. I prefer to access my music through the scanning feature as, inter-alia, I like how it displays my albums with the scraped album art. Zidoo needs to roll out a fix asap.
  12. Cezary

    Cezary New Member

    MP scrapper works only when you set "only use local info" in scrapper setting.
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  13. singuser

    singuser New Member

    Thank you Cezary. I tried your suggestion and the MP scan works great! The MP 6.0 still needs a lot of work but at least it scans my library!
  14. Tof78

    Tof78 New Member

    I have exactly the same problem...
    How do you do to revert the firmware and of back to the previous version?
  15. Tof78

    Tof78 New Member

    Great! I didn't read this post earlier. This is working on my side too.
    Thanks Cezary

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