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    My name is Pepe. I´m writing from Spain, so please forgive my English mistakes :)

    I´m the owner of a X8 (with 1.2.11 firmware) and I have a little problem.

    I have a Piooner AVR with 5.1 speakers but when I listen to the music (mp3 or flac) through my usb hard drive, it only sounds left, center and right speakers. The subwoofer doesn´t sound and neither the rear speakers.

    I have tried many songs and I have changed the options in the AVR but it´s useless.

    My question is.. can the Zidoo play music in multichannel 5.1? or in stereo + subwoofer at least?

    If it can do it in movies it should do the same with music, shouldn´t it?

    Thank you very much in advance for your help.

    Kind regards!
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    Oh excuse me.. I forgot to say that I have activate audio passthrough in the quick settings and in the audio zmdc settings too.

    Thank you very much again!

    Kind regards..
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    Ufff... Finally it was a problem of the cable connected to the sub.


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