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  1. wolfy196

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    As title suggests, the movie directory posters for movie collections are no longer accessible from IMDB, so being able to change a movie collections main poster is impossible. I have hundreds of collections and have tried most of them. TV series and Movie posters can be changed as normal.

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  3. wolfy196

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    Thank you for the reply.
    Maybe I did not explain myself fully. Zidoo is not able to search for alternative posters to change a movie collections main image. Zidoo is not able to access the required images from for any collection.
    As for the jaws collection example above, there are 29 Jaws collection posters available on but zidoo can not access any of them anymore.
  4. Netmask

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    If I go to my Collections folder on HT and select change image I only have one choice as well. However if I go into a collection say Star Wars and select change image on any of the different movies within the collection, I have dozens of images to choice. I can’t recall if I’ve ever had a choice as Zidoo simply creates the collection without any action on my part and I’ve had no reason to edit, so I don’t know what or if there is an answer.

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