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    I recently bought a Zidoo Z9X Pro and updated it to Software Version v1.0.75. While it seems to be a fabulous video player that also contains features missing from my Zappiti Neo media player (such as true fast-forward and rewind plus next and previous chapter selection), its video wall functionality seems to come up short in many ways. Last night I realized that it is completely missing quite a number of my movies in my collection. At first thought, I figured they must be in the "unmatched" group but they are not. They simply don't seem to be there. There are three types of cases where they are missing.

    First, some of my "collections" are failing to show all of the movies. As examples, my John Wick collection is not showing John Wick 3; it is only showing John Wick, John Wick 2 and John Wick 4. and my Guardians of the Galaxy collection is not showing Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 1 or Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2; it is only showing Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3.

    Second, I have many movies where I have multiple versions of the movie. I have 4K/UHD MKV or ISO versions of virtually all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films but I also have ISO HD/1080p versions of the same movies where the HD version has "extra" materials on the disc, such as commentaries, "making of", "behind the scenes" and "deleted scenes" documentaries. In these cases, none of the HD/1080p versions are showing. In some cases, I have even more versions. For the Pixar movie Wall-E, I have the Disney 4K/UHD release, the Criterion Collection 4K/UHD release, the HD/1080p version with the extra materials and the 3D 1080p version. Of these only the Criterion Collection 4K/UHD shows up. In each case, I am embedding ".HD", ".UHD", ".3D" and ".(Criterion Collection)" as appropriate.

    Third, I have a few movies where the movie spans multiple discs. The 3D version of Titanic and the 4K/UHD version of Lawrence of Arabia come to mind. Although they are labeled properly with ".D1" and ".D2" embedded in the file names, only one, unspecified disc shows up for each.

    What can I do to make these movies appear in the video wall on my Zidoo? I've seen mention of using .NFO files, but I am not finding any documentation on creating .NFO files for movies that I have ripped. Perhaps movies that are downloaded from "questionable" sites come with them, but not my rips.

    Thanks in advance for any help on this! If I can't get these issues worked out soon, I will need to send this back to Amazon or a refund. What a shame, as this does seem to be a pretty capable media player. Like one buddy of mine says, "It does everything but actually work!"
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    I had the same thing happened awhile ago also. I found out they were put in the wrong collection. So i had to look in every collection & remove the video & put in the correct collection.
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    Thanks for the reply, JohnnyQuest (my favorite cartoon show as a kid, BTW)!

    I did find that Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 1 or Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 had somehow been deleted from my server. Guess I'll have to re-rip them. Zidoo had automagically mis-labled John Wick 3 as John Wick 4 (along with the actual John Wick 4).

    Most of the other "missing" films were there, but I didn't know it. I was over-looking the "3D", "UHD", "1080p" and other buttons on the pages for the actual movies. For the multi-part movies and for the Extended Edition, Director's Cut and other "special" versions, I think I had not quite properly labeled them. I am slogging through about a thousand movies right now, trying to be absolutely sure I'm following the guidelines I am finding on the screen if I press in the "?" button and/or those found here: https://www.mcbluna.net/wp/guides/guide-zidoo-home-theater-media-labels/

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