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Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by Trimonium, Sep 6, 2020.

  1. Trimonium

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    Maybe not much users are using still DVD resolution on a player, but I find it a little bit strange,
    that since a few generations of Zidoo models the internal player in Media Center is not able to show a screen resolution < 1280x720 in the correct aspect ratio.

    No matter if I'll use a DVD ISO or a single MKV file, the player is using "Matching" as aspect ratio and not using the informations in the media to show it correctly in 4:3 or 16:9.

    For an example this results in a very strange output if you want to play an episode of a 16:9 series and also an episode of a 4:3 series looks horrible. :(

    It seems that this is a problem since a few generation of Zidoo models. I detected this problem on the Z1000 and it's still a problem on the Z1000 Pro and I think maybe all other players of the new generation are affected.

    So please can someone from Zidoo take a look for this problem and fix it in an upcoming firmware.
    Dolby Vison might be the most important thing for most of the users right now, but we're talking about a basic functionality that should also work on such an overall good player. :)

    In my opinion there is another major bug in the internal player. When I play a MKV file, the player is always using the first audio track of the file, no matter if I choosed another language in the settings.

    So I can set German as my prefered language in the settings, but if the first audio track is english,
    the player is using this audio track.

    So for what I can choose a language in the settings and the player is not using it?
    It would be nice if this also can fixed in an upcoming firmware. :)

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  2. McBluna

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    @Trimonium actually it's the same with (UHD) Blu-Ray. Only if the menu includes a language selection itself and I select German the menu and audio are in German.
    This is for all releases from Warner, Sony, Fox ...
    The worst case are Blu-Rays for Game of Thrones with German, Italian and Russian, so without English. Then you get eg Russian or Italian.
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  3. Trimonium

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    Thanks for your Reply, McBluna. I've not tested it with a menu, only with a single episode or movie in MKV. But overall that should be overworked, that you'll get your favorite language from the settings, if it's available in the movie.
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