Micro-stutter problem is still there

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X20' started by ZIDOOX20USER, Aug 27, 2018.


    ZIDOOX20USER New Member

    micro-stutter problem is still there, is it the problem caused by 23.976 -> 23.98 ??? the problem will be fixed... right ???
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  2. Jean-pascal

    Jean-pascal New Member

    Hello, i have the same problem ( Micro-stutter ). If i connect my hard drive directly on my Oled TV 4K, I don't have this problem with the the same movie.
    I have tested on X20 with : enable or disable 23... / 24 but the same problem. Grrrrr Please help me.
  3. skelton

    skelton Member

    Noticed this micro stuttering for the first time tonight when i was watching a movie sourced from WEB-DL and in MKV format. I have watched many other movies since i got the X20 but this is the first time i see this problem. And i have watched other WEB-DL content already without stuttering so this makes believe that there is something with this specific video that causes this problem. Maybe the way it was created or something like that. I took a screenshot from mediainfo and if anyone can see something suspicious, let us know.

    Should i send the mediainfo log to Zidoo support?


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