Media Player & Home Theater v2 incorrect aspect ratio with TV series

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1295)' started by videobruce, Aug 25, 2019.

  1. videobruce

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    Both of these programs have the same problem(s);

    The default aspect ration should be 16x9 or at least a way to change it, not "Fit" which sizes these TV series episodes incorrectly, stretching the image vertically and not filling in the screen horizontally. Basically a 3x2 film ratio.
    I have to set each episode separately which is annoying. This doesn't seem to affect regular movies. Using VLC Player those videos play fine, no need to set aspect ratio.

    I'm running the .25 F/W which didn't change anything from older version.
  2. videobruce

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    No one sees this issue with at least American TV series ripped from DVD's (if that matters)?
  3. Techead

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    Yes it's not just tv Show it anything ripped from DVD. Had repored this issue months ago and no fixes as of yet.

    I found a fix using Hnadbreak- re-encode the file and change the Animorphic setting not non .

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  4. videobruce

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    No, movies are Ok.
    I'm surely not to edit a couple of hundred of episodes because only this lamo program doesn't work correctly. They all display of elsewhere.

    The Chinese don't seem to care just like they don't care about this sub-forum getting bombed with spam threads/posts. :rolleyes:

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