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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by akan7, Oct 5, 2018.

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    Hi, just to let you know that the Viewport Sorting is Broken from the Media Center playback, this has been the case from Firmware v2.0.25, V2.0.34 and still broken in V2.1.12 beta versions. Has been working fine till the above, I’d been waiting for a fix.

    I play a lot of YouTube downloads videos from my HDD

    If I open the Video folder up, Enter Viewport and Sort by Date, Newer First.

    Play the video, turn on Repeat all, it used to playback in orders from the top down.

    Now it just plays the one I click on, then in alphabetical order from that video.

    1. Open Media Center (see pic1)

    2. Select Folder, go on viewport sorting, sort by date (see pic2)

    3. Play a video and enable Repeat All (see Pic3)

    4. Play video – Say No More.mp4, next video should be Ashanti.mp4 (see pic4)

    Hope you guys can sort this out in future firmware

    Thank you

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    My MEDIACENTER CRASHES EVERY single time before it can even complete scanning???? and this is on TWO separate units with different firmwares, so Im confused why this happens consistently..

    As an alternative...
    Lets say Im using the EMBY plugin, which works pretty nicely.. It'd be great IF i could get the files to DIRECT PLAY with zidoo's player.. The functionality is built into the emby app.. in settings there is an option for EXTERNAL PLAYER.. just can't get it to work, but I bet it's an easy fix...?

    combining these two would be the ULTIMATE jukebox.. emby serverside is very mature & can run on almost ANY OS or NAS... takes all that pain in ass stuff off zidoo player shoulders... If we could get direct play to work with the ZIDOO media Player, it should play EVERYTHING just like in mediacenter?
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  3. akan7

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    Same thing with my New Z9S...

    Is this getting look into?


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