Media Center: incorrect Icons, unable to change default storage location or aspect ratio

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    Using (or trying to) use the internal Zidoo 'Media Center' has many irregularities that need correcting;

    1. Using a generic "Media Center" name isn't specific enough, it's too generic, at least add 'Zidoo' to the name to set it apart,
    2. When the player is opened, the menu defaults to a SD card slot (which no media is stored) as opposed to the internal HDD where it should logically point to,
    3. Most of the icons are outright incorrect and more so, misleading as follows;
    ..... a USB memory stick is used for the SD card and for the HDD, neither are USB devices,
    ..... a HDD symbol is used for "Storage" which factually, is the ROM, mostly where the O/S resides (thou some material can be 'stored' there), it's still the wrong symbol,
    4. Certain TV series from DVD's playback in a 4x3 aspect ratio where it should be 16x9 (all other players I have tried, they play properly). The default can't be changed, I have to change it everytime,
    5. Subtitles play automatically if you want them or not (which I don't), that has to be changed everytime a video is played that has subtitles, which is another unnecessary annoyance.

    All what should be logical & simple changes to the F/W. Everyone doesn't want the same setup!

    Media Center open home directory.JPG Aspect ratio choices.JPG
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    Now, IF there is a hidden way to change those defaults, feel free to post it.

    BTW, the F/W version is 2.1.20 in a X10
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    No solution here??
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    Almost 900 views and no one has a clue about these? :confused:

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