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  1. Hello,

    I've installed the HPH NT-V8 RK3368 Marshmallow ROM by mo123 on Since our Zidoo X6 Pro uses the same chipset from Rockchip (RK3368), it installs with no trouble (if instructions are followed correctly!).

    + Works great on Zidoo X6 Pro
    + Super fast and smooth. Apps load in a snap!
    + Kodi variant of the ROM works great; no crashes or delays for the files I tested (No, I have not downloaded Kodi from the Play Store and tested yet)
    + You get Marshmallow!

    - The homescreen sucks. I use Nova launcher, but it's less than ideal for a TV box, so we'd need to find another launcher, or a way to sideload the one provided by Zidoo.
    - Powering off actually reboots the device instead of actually switching off; the workaround is to switch off the parent power supply (plug point) to the device. Thanks @PacoRabanne for reminding me to update.
    - Few crashes in some items from the main Settings menu, but these are not critical

    Note: Ensure you use a working USB Type A to Type A data cable and follow the instructions as laid out in the ROM's post#2.

    If you upgrade, hope it all goes well for you. Cheers and good luck.
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  2. PacoRabanne

    PacoRabanne Well-Known Member Beta test group

    hoodafukisalice, thanks for the report!
    Will Zidoo IR remote still works with this ROM?
    Is able to power on and power off (I'm not interested to put it in stand-by mode) the device?
    Any other missing function?

  3. Kenny72

    Kenny72 New Member

    Is Kodi included in this ROM?
    Ore which kodi fork you need to install for this ROM?
    Is ther any buffer, HD streams or audio out of sync problems?
  4. Zidoo's IR remote was not working for me on Zidoo's own stock ROM itself. Somewhere down the upgrades, it stopped working. I have been using the Mele 10 mouse (requires a dongle) which works great.

    There is a bug in power off; it just reboots instead of actually switching off. So I switch off the plug to which the X6 Pro is connected. Hopefully this should be fixed in a future version of the firmware.

    Nothing else I'm aware of that I've already mentioned in the Cons section of the original post. I will keep updating it with any issues I find. Thanks for asking about power on and off; though I had faced the issue before creating the above post, I forgot to mention it. Apologies, I had installed the ROM a month earlier and found the time to post here only recently.

    A Nougat ROM for the X6 Pro doesn't seem far behind :)
  5. Kodi is part of the ROM itself. I had previously installed 17.3 on Zidoo's stock ROM which had audio out of sync issues, especially with Matroska files (.mkv), though I noticed the issue on a few full HD (1080p) .mp4 files as well.

    I have so far not seen any sync issues with full HD files (both .mp4 and .mkv) I have played on this ROM so far. I will update any issue I come across in the original post, so users get to know before testing the waters.
  6. Kenny72

    Kenny72 New Member

    Thank you for your response. Is there any sync issue with Kodi streams?
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  7. I have not tested streaming; rarely do. If you do stream, can you try the ROM and update the result?

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  8. Kenny72

    Kenny72 New Member

    I tried the HPH NT-V8 RK3368 Marshmallow ROM by mo123 on my Zidoo X6 Pro but it’s not working for me.
    Than I flashed my Zidoo X6 Pro with the original ZIDOO_X6 Pro_v1.0.19.img an updated it with the latest version firmware v1.0.45. I do not us ZDMC but I installed FTMC and i us addon covenant. I activated real-debrid and a put vpn on it and everything seems to work grade, so far no problems. Now I get 1080p, DD 5.1 streams, a lot of HD sources. Video audio are in sync, no buffering. It works better than ever I think.
    I tested it now for some days, I will tested some more.
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  9. Did the flashing itself not work, or was it issues with playback? Would be great if you can elaborate. Would help the rest of us in looking out for issues. So far, I have not had a negative experience, barring the launcher; it just sucks!

    Thanks for the info on real-debrid. Looks like it's a paid service. Which premium plan did you opt for?

    The preliminary check I did for FTMC indicates it is to be used for older Android releases (4.x). It makes sense to use if you intend to stick on to older Android versions. Correct me if otherwise.
  10. Kenny72

    Kenny72 New Member

    With the HPH NT-V8 RK3368 Marshmallow ROM by mo123 i constantly getting a popup in android that something has crashed (I do not know what is again).

    Now I have the premium plan of real-debrid for one month for 4 euro to test it.
    If you have the free one you can test premium from 6 am to 12.

    Kodi 17 don’t work ok on the Zidoo X6 Pro that’s why I use FTMC .

    FTMC is a fork for Kodi and provides hardware acceleration and more features on rockchip mainstream chips(rk3228, rk3229, rk3229h, rk3288, rk3368, rk3399) and most android version(Android4.4, 5.x, 6.x). In the case of hardware allowed, FTMC supports 4K2K、4K2K 10bit(H264,HEVC),MVC 3D (bluray & mkv), high profile audio passthrough. And also maintain Android 4.4 support for older devices, also maintain a better support for Amlogic S9xx Chips, and preserving the amlogic AMCODEC (only on Android version from 4.4 to 6.x, since in 7.x amlogic removed the support for it)
  11. Cameron

    Cameron New Member

    will I lose all my apps if I upgrade to marshmello?
  12. Cameron

    Cameron New Member

    sorry. marshmallow

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