Major bug in Realtek RTD1295 ?

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    The more apps you have on your system the more bloat where you have !
    The more chances of an app causing a crash or instability etc
    One app i use always leaves a micro add on my screen !
    The more apps you have the more chance one or two plus can run in the background and cause all sorts of issues .
    The more apps you have they communicate back to server etc
    One app i had caused an alarm chirp to occur got deleted !

    Most i know who use this box keep it to a bery bear minimum ! [ there the ones who report less issues it seems ]
    If its not used delete it .
    And you have less chance of having any issues .
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    DELUCAS, I understand if they are running as I stated, but as long as they don't, other than occupying space, there shouldn't be a problem. I didn't imply to max out the available space. Also, you can place those applications on your SD card, correct?

    What applications run by themselves, can't those be stopped from doing so? If that is the case, I probably woulnd't want them anyway.
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    Since you mentioned it, is the a application that will show the running processes & applications without digging around in the existing menus for them? Similar to what is available for a PC (Windows specifically & I assume also for Linux)? AFA communication with some server, I turn off auto updates anyway. ;)

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    File Explorer is one that plants an add on my home screen and while watching a movie once ive used it and come out of it .
    So annoying
    I need it file explorer as i use to add movies to my ssd drive internal .
    I could purchase the add free version but not 100 % it will remove the logo .
    I clear cache etc and it goes so not a big issue .

    Another app cant remember way back occasionaly played a ringing tone in the background got deleted .
    and i imagine other apps can be worse or ?

    Its easier for my req’s to keep to a very bear minimum and just use it for Movie Playback Duties and fingers crossed no issues so far .

    Apps awlways run in the background but to much hassle to go about stopping them etc
    So bear minimum is best for me .
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    Believe me I don't like bloat either. I have Task Mgr. like program available on my PC desktop to spot unwanted processes I use all the time.
    Is there something similar for Android?
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    Maybe yes but far simpler if you just have the standard Zidoo apps made for the box and a few must have apps installed that you req .

    Im down to two additional apps installed one i rarely use but thats vlc player to just test a movie file if i have issues etc .

    Everyone is diff and may not have issues at all
    The last thing i want is a Movie stopping or crashing due to some apps being installed way back and finding the culprit .

    This is my own personal opinion and everyone does as they please its there box .

    But as they say less is more .

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