Major bug in Realtek RTD1295 ?

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1295)' started by Ekul, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. Ekul

    Ekul Active Member

    Is there a bug in the Realtek RTD1295 chip ?
    Since the release every movie or episode smaller than 5 gb (web-dl, etc)
    gives a stranger stuttering (like slowmotion) every aprox 12 minutes.
    Happens with external (zidoo) and internal (kodi) player.
    Tried with Nas, external hdd, usb stick. Nothing works.
    I guess a refund is the only solution, and leave this chip.

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    I experinced that issue a while back but since updated the os etc
    Re setting unit has not come back .
    Or have not noticed it .

    What firmware are you on ?
    And have you done a hard shut down on unit after firmware update ?
  3. Ekul

    Ekul Active Member

    Yes , i always hard reset and factory settings box after upgrade.
    All firmwares are affected with this bug included latest 2.05.
    I really believe its a hardware problem.
    This is my second box (replacement) and both cannot provide stable
    playback with smaller files.
    I can set my stopwatch to approx 12 min for slowmoting starts.
    Not only one time but every 12 min and it lasts about 5 sec.
    Very frustating.
    Big files , 6 gb or more no problem at all.

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    I deff experienced same thing after 1.5.0 but fully updated to latest and not seen it since .
    Viewing 1080p dts .
    Maybe your settings may need re looking as things sometimes change on firmware updates .
    Without you noticing .

    Sure a hard re set sorted mine after 1.5.0 update .
  5. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    i have seen allot of small and big movies, only problems i had with playback that's probably still present was some sound-cuts at regular intervals when i was also tormenting with transmission ( even if only seeding 1 torrent )
  6. nikos_a

    nikos_a Active Member

    Check the fps that these files have.
  7. Ekul

    Ekul Active Member

    Normal 23.976 fps and box is switching to right fps.
    After reset factory settings now box has broken, illigal authorization.
    Flashed back to 1.2.6. still error after plugging ethernet in.
    Have to send it back for repair.
    Wish i never bought the thing.

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Odd my box has been fault free since ive purchased it apart from a few firmware bugs as such .
    Maybe your box from start was faulty ?
    But two faulty boxes ?
  9. Ayokoya

    Ayokoya Member

    I have a theory about this.....Some months back, someone report a video clip that the X9S has a micro stutter every so many seconds due to just in time data delivery to feed the player engine, while other simpler box has no issue because they have a greedy buffer. With that said, X9S can be on the knife edge to stutters, and all it takes is a background task to siphon performance away and cause it to stutter. A 5 sec slowing on every 12 mins seems to be a good candid for this cause, you may want to see if there is a App running in the background such as google play or others. You can go to quick settings - others - advance settings - memory - memory used by will tell you what apps have been run for the last 3 hours, then go to settings - apps and disable all those non critical apps and see if there is any effect on your 12 mins slowing down, if it helps, then you can enable them one at a time to see which one is the offender. My 2 cents suggestion.......
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    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Yes over loading Zidoo with Apps can cause issues agree .
    Hence i keep mine to a bare minimum .
    As in about three additional Apps .
    Clear cache etc frequently .

    No issues

    But some people fill there boxes with to the brim with Apps which is not a good idea .
  11. gadgetman

    gadgetman Active Member

    I have always experienced this issue never mentioned before thought was just me, and is only occasionally.
  12. Ekul

    Ekul Active Member

    You are right, but i have no apps installed, clear firmware and reset settings.
    Besides i guess all movies would then be affected and not only files below 5 or 6 gb.
  13. videobruce

    videobruce Member

    These seem like very specific circumstances. It's also strange that the cutoff is 5 or 6 GB, not 4GB which may make more sense with file size.

    What/where is the source of these files? Are they d/l'ed to the box from the Internet, or are they transfered from a PC or some other non-Internet source?
  14. mattmarsden

    mattmarsden Active Member

    I don't know if its related but VC1 files stutter after about 20mins.
  15. videobruce

    videobruce Member

    Isn't that around the timing of that damn BluRay Cinavia audio copy protection when that kicks in?
  16. mattmarsden

    mattmarsden Active Member

    Nothing to do with cinavia as none of the files I tested had cinavia on them and the Zidoo doesn't trigger cinavia.
  17. Ekul

    Ekul Active Member

    Its just all normal episodes or small movies coming from nas.
    Same file run from usb stick have same issue.
    Same file run on internal tv player are perfect.
  18. Evgeniy

    Evgeniy New Member

    Try setting Deep Color to Auto or 12 bit.
  19. videobruce

    videobruce Member

    If these installed applications are not running, why would there be a problem?
  20. DavidWu5

    DavidWu5 Member

    For real´╝îYou are toxic guy:confused:

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