Mac Not Recognised with NAS off

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    Hello, here is a special problem.
    I have a Mac and a NAS as source devices.
    I use the Mac to create the film files, so the NAS is not always on. Also to save energy.
    It is often the case that the orb/Zidoo does not recognize the Mac if the NAS is not switched on.
    It does see the mac when I look under new source under smb, but I can't enable it as a source.
    Even claims username and password are wrong.
    The effect is mostly there, but not always.
    As soon as I turn on the NAS, the Mac is immediately available again as a source on the main page.
    Does anyone have a solution for this? I'd rather leave the NAS powered off.
    I have the latest fw. The effect had been there before already.
    Thanks as always :)

    Orb R81 with V6.4.06_G
    HT 4

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