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Discussion in 'ZIDOO H6 Pro' started by Chris Edwards, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. Chris Edwards

    Chris Edwards New Member

    Somehow I have interfered with the box's Google settings and now Play Store will not work. It starts, but only shows a white screen. I have tried to reload the .apk but still have the same problem.
    Do I need to reset the box?
  2. JJKK

    JJKK Moderator Staff Member Beta test group

    Remove the PS and the APK you used with the APK uninstall tool. Restart the box and instal the PS and see if it's back to normal. If not, a reset will be necessary.
  3. I remove the update and restore to factory direct from application menu.
  4. PeterCrouch

    PeterCrouch Member

    I don't know when @mirror update new firmware for H6 to fix this bug? I can not open Google Play Store, after that I was removed the update version of it, then I can login again.

    But after using 1 day, the Google Play Store auto update the newest version and I can not open it? I see more people have this issue and feedback with Zidoo but may be they don't care, why?
  5. Victor Shocot

    Victor Shocot New Member

    just update it manually by downloading apk

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