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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X10' started by videobruce, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. videobruce

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    I was doing a few minor settings changes. When I hit the return, the screen went black and the unit apparently froze (on the black screen..
    I powered off, then restarted, but it hung on Hello in the display. I unplugged the coaxial DC plug, waiting a minute (or maybe slightly less) powered back up, but the same thing. I do hear some HDD activity initially, but the stops after a couple of minutes..

    I was going to try to flash the latest F/W, but I wanted to see if that was ok or was there something else I could do.

    I don't remember the F/W version I was running, it was at least before last summer. The is a HDD in the player that I loaded some more media files. None were playing when I was in the settings menu. Right now it'sbeen in this hung mode for probably 10 minutes, with no change.

    The on-screen display is NOT frozen, it still has it's animation.

    Ideas please. :(
  2. videobruce

    videobruce Member

    I disconnected the HDD and the Network cable, but no change. The monitor screen it's stuck on is the 2nd (smaller) 'zidoo' screen if that helps.
  3. videobruce

    videobruce Member

    Third time, same thing!

    Exiting from different areas of the settings menu, returns me to a black screen. About the only thing that becomes visible is the three 'power' options screen. I do have a wireless mouse and that pointer shows also.
    If I choose standby, it does and I can 'wake' it up, but the screen is still black. But, the 'external device found' pop-up shows and I can get to the root directory of that drive w/ mu media files.

    If I power down, then power back up the boot process gets stuck at the smaller of the two Zidoo logos. Mind you it's not frozen or locked (per say), I see see animation in that logo, something must be getting corupt somewhat hanging the boot process.. The display shows 'hello' all this time.

    This has happened three times with different firmware's. The only way I can recover is to boot flash the F/W again. Then everything is back, but from scratch. Things are fine for a while, but it's when I'm in the settings screens and navigate around for awhile hitting the return to exit the problem happens with no indication that it will that I could see.

    Any ideas here, I'm getting desperate? :(
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  5. videobruce

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    I already have done that per my previous post.

    I took the HDD out, ran four A/V programs on it on the possibility there may be a virus, but as I thought nothing turned up.

    Now, I'm tiring to reproduce the problem/glitch/bug (w/o the drive), but I haven't been able to.
    Of course, when you look for something, you rarely find it. It's only when you look for something else, it turns up, but then you forgot why you needed it. :rolleyes:

    Is there a current v2.0.34 ROM usb flash version of this v1.4.12 ;

    Or can I create one by converting this non ROM version into a img file?
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  6. videobruce

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    What is ZIUI Cool??
  7. pcristi

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    ZIUI Cool is also know as Zidoo Launcher for X9S/X10/Z9S/Z10 and is on /system/app/Zidoo_ui/Zidoo_ui.apk
  8. videobruce

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    Thank you, that answers a lot. Then why is it allowed to be disabled and why is it not in the system files list?
    ZLUI would be more logical initials. ;)
  9. pcristi

    pcristi Active Member

    Just to make you smile

    ZI = Zidoo
    UI = User Interface
    Cool = Cool
    Similar to this:
    Cool User Interface by Zidoo :)
  10. videobruce

    videobruce Member

    The more important thing is the "launcher" part, don't you think?
    Sorry, I don't consider it "cool". It's just another childish name by the Asians aka Chinese. They may like silliness and glitzy interfaces, but not everyone else does.

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