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    To the Development Team,
    Having a quite important number of video files in my Kodi database, I wondered where was located the database, this in order to verify if it was necessary to secure a copy.

    As I could not find any specific data in my NAS (close to to files, as I made the choice for Plex server), I went into the system and found a 1 GB database for Kodi (Flash\Android\data\org.xbmc.kodi\files\.kodi).

    Is it possible to give the choice to the users, when starting Kodi ?
    - create the database on the internal memory, as it is now, or
    - create the database on a specific path (NAS or computer).
    This last solution would have two advantages :
    1 - save space in the internal memory of the zidoo
    2 - be more safe: in case the Zidoo crashes, all the database and work made for improvements, corrections,...are lost. If the database is located on a NAS in proper raid configuration, nothing is lost.

    In the meantime, I made a copy of the database to my NAS.

    But may be this feature already exists, and I missed a step while starting Kodi.

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    You can use the Kodi addon, called Backup. It's possible to set it for auto-backup and ofc. you can do it manually. Possible to browse network drives also.

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