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Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by DELUCAS, Feb 1, 2021.

  1. dvdit

    dvdit New Member

    Wondering if I should return mine since I am still in the return window.
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  2. dvdit

    dvdit New Member

    What are the stable versions of Kodi and Jellyfin to install on this machine? I want to avoid a potential headache installing a broken version. Thanks
  3. Edworld

    Edworld Member

    One of the most dangerous words in a dictionary: expectation

    You get married with expectations, and get divorced because expectations are not met.

    You get a job with expectations, and you leave or get fired because expectations are not met.

    Browsing through ~1,300 movies is very painful with HT4...
  4. Phil181

    Phil181 Active Member

    The current ZDMC release is based on the older Kodi 19.4 and is very stable (unlike new release of Kodi 20, which will take time to bed down issues with further revisions).

    I use ZDMC daily with a quite large library spread over multiple (older) NAS's and external (and one internal) HDD's.
    It just works without issues for local playing, using the hardware Zidoo player and settings.
    I mainly play .mkv files, including high bitrate full 4K remuxes with Dolby Vision and lossless audio passthrough and a lot of older 1080p BD rips.

    I do use a gigabit wired network, as wifi has difficulties with high bitrates/larger 4K files (works fine with 1080p).
    Some even older DVD avi rips default to using the Kodi player if the Zidoo player is unable to process, so it works seamlessly.
    If you are a previous Kodi user, it is certainly worth installing ZDMC (it will accept some Kodi skins) as it is easy to use and does not interfere with HT4 (so you can have them both).
  5. greenfish

    greenfish New Member

    Kodi 20 IS stable. The build 20 have been debuged for more than 8 months by nightly releases.

    Nevertheless they should provide the customers with the option of using new KODi releases with ZDMC player as backend.
  6. greenfish

    greenfish New Member

    So true!!!
  7. Edworld

    Edworld Member


    Can you please update to a newer version of Kodi? Many of us are waiting for this to happen, last version of zdmc is almost a year old

  8. greenfish

    greenfish New Member

    Wow... still nothing :(
  9. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

  10. greenfish

    greenfish New Member

    If it's deprecated what else are we suppose to use???

    I want to use the most recent KODI wiht the excellent zidoo player. How i'm I suppose to do that when there are no alternatives? The sole reason I purchased the product is because of the hardware and incombation with the zidoo player.
  11. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    It was deprecated in favour of HT.

    From memory, official support ceased in 2018.
  12. greenfish

    greenfish New Member

    Can I use HT with kodi? Sorry but im not a techincal user. I only watch movies and KODI looks the best for my setup.

  13. Martin Musko

    Martin Musko Member

    Reading about all the bugs even in the latest HT software version I think it is a waste of engineering resources to try to catch up with kodi. Why dont they provide the interface source for their player and we can maybe find someone in the kodi team to do the rest?
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  14. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    No, HT is a separate app - currently HT4.

    If you prefer Kodi there's nothing stopping you using ZDMC - it works well and ok it's not the latest version, but honestly, what difference does that make?

    I'm not saying it won't be updated and it quite probably will at some point, it's just that it's not part of official development.
  15. Edworld

    Edworld Member

    Totally agree.

    They don't even have to create an interface, they just have to make the zidoo player visible to other android applications installed, it is that simple...
  16. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    Nothing stopping them as far as I can see - @andy22 did it with Jellyfin and that works great. @gogo789 and now @bowlingbeeg have done it with Plex.
  17. greenfish

    greenfish New Member

    Fair enough. But there's a difference between kodi 19.4 vs 20 especially if you're using modern skins.

    I see in your signature we have a similar setup in terms of zidoo. Does HT4 run well on Z9X?
  18. Gilgamesh

    Gilgamesh Active Member

    HT4 runs pretty smooth.
  19. Jimbo Randy

    Jimbo Randy Active Member

    I personally like HT4.0. Compared to Plex, which would break basic functionality after every other freaking update, and worked like absolute dog**** on the nvidia shield, HT4.0 is surprisingly stable and does what it's supposed to do.
  20. greenfish

    greenfish New Member

    Thanks for the update. The problem is that I can't be bothered to re-scan my entire library of my entire UHD physical collection. I'm just puzzled as to why zidoo doesn't support KODI with zidoo player.

    My next purchase of a media box if it doesn't support KODI i'm not buying it. I really love z9x and it's native zidoo player but the lack of Kodi updates is really really a deal breaker for me.

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