Kodi on X9 locking up always

Discussion in 'ZDMC for Zidoo' started by Scott, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. Scott

    Scott Member

    I am using the New 1.3.8 version of the firmware and I get continuous lockups in Kodi.
    Is anyone else having this issue ?

    I have reloaded Kodi sever times and same thing .
    I am also experiencing things where Genises and several others will not update.
    I uninstalled Icefilms as experiment and it will not re-install.

    UPdate : I reinstalled ver 1.2.9 of the firmware and Kodi is working again and not locking up !
    Update 2 : I updated to ver 1.3.1 and everthing works with Kodi no lockups.
    unfortunately when I turn it on it want to update and I hit the ok button in error now its updating so I will see if the OTA is better than the file even though it should not be if it is I will return to ver 1.3.1 firmware.

    As my stomach turns with the X9 and Kodi locked up again after it updated to ver 1.3.3

    It would appear when you update the repository Superrepo to what it should be Kodi locks up continuously ! I also can't remove or delete the messages about the old version of superrepo .

    It would appear that the Superrepo is an old version as I looked in the xml for that repo and it is OLD no wonder ! I modified the kodi standalone with the proper superrepo I have from here for the X9 and I am going to try it . This looks more complicated than I thought to rebuild a apk file with proper stuff but I am willing to learn.
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  2. DragonFly

    DragonFly Member

    Same here, but not just lockups. Not all add-ons are working properly.
    Something in firmware greater than 1.0.29 is messing up Kodi. I've informed the devs about it (extensively) but it hasn't been fixed since. It has nothing to do with Kodi, just something in the underlying OS
  3. Scott

    Scott Member

    Thanks I was beginning to think it was something I screwed up just hope they listen to you and fix it next month.
  4. Scott

    Scott Member

    So does anyone else have the add-on repository Super-Repo listed in their list of enabled or disabled add-on repos ?
    Mine says it needs an upgrade but it should not even be there as it is a Gotham repo not a Helix repo !
  5. Scott

    Scott Member

    Finally figured out where I went wrong my internal SD card is full due to not knowing Kodi downloaded movies to it and not my USB stick !
    Cut and paste in File explorer is great for moving stuff to external flash drives.
    Check your settings and if your SD card is full you will have stuff in your Download folder in your Internal SD card .
    And to think I struggled for a long time and even re-flashed box with new firmware and it does NOT delete downloads !
  6. papiguy

    papiguy Member

    "re-flashed box with new firmware and it does NOT delete downloads !"
    Don't claim Scott, it is absolutely normal. Suppose you have downloaded some file and not saved it on an external drive: an update of the firmware MUST NOT delete everything which is in your "Home".
  7. Scott

    Scott Member

    That is all fine but when I had inadvertently downloaded Movies to the internal SD card it was FULL so it crashed Kodi since it had no room to run which was part of my point plus I also thought that if I did a Factory -Restore that would have cleared everything except what came with the unit and it did not.

    The interesting thing is I have also done an apk rebuild Kodi with what should be the proper superrepo for 14.1 but now all I get is script error for version .
    It would appear the Factory build of Kodi have one from Gotham version 5.02 which It should not work unless this might not be a final 14.1 build !
    Reinstalling with the old superrepo does not give the error.. Interesting....
  8. Sarco

    Sarco Active Member Beta test group

    Something I remember, remove all notifications. I had problem with a another box, since my mail was set on push the system behave erraticly and freeze.
  9. papiguy

    papiguy Member

    I am under v1.03.9 and 15.2 for Kodi.
    The procedure was:
    - installation of Kodi from Google play (Google play -> Apps -> search "Kodi")
    - seeing that it was working well (with existing database containing about 1400 films with a lot of work made to change names, correct the errors,...), I uninstalled featured Kodi and removed it.
    - after the first use the system proposed me an upgrading to the last stable version, that is 15.2. I upgraded and the system works correctly.
    I cannot see evidence of changes in the interface, but now playing of all files I have is possible with Kodi, while those with Apple container could not be played before.
  10. wrighty

    wrighty New Member

    As a rule of thumb, don't use superrepo, it's starting to get a bad reputation for modding apps and repackaging them (do a google search on Genesis 5.0.8i, i think they were behind that).

    I've just got an x9 and have upgraded kodi in the normal way by uninstalling the supplied 14.1 version with a 14.2 from Kodi's own site (in the 'older versions' downloads section), all's good so far with CCM Helix skin for flexibility :)

  11. Scott

    Scott Member

    This thread can now be closed since problem is resolved as I stated in # 5
  12. papiguy

    papiguy Member

    Unfortunately (for me) this thread is to be re-opened.
    I met the following issue (firmware v1.0.4.2 - kodi 15.2 from Googleplay):

    Kodi starts correctly and I am able to utilize all functions except Updating the database. My database contains more than 1600 movies and 40 series (1.2 Gb in the internal card): as soon as I try to launch the updating Kodi crashes and exits.
    I made a back-up, uninstalled (*)and re-installed KODI 15.2, then restore the database from the back-up.
    The system works again but as prevuosly Kodi crashes when trying to update for new content.

    Anybody having met the same issue and found the solution ?

    (*) using "settings" -> apps -> uninstall, but without previous deleting all data
    I am trying to do the same but after deleting the data,... have a cup of coffee ;)
  13. Sarco

    Sarco Active Member Beta test group

    After many trouble with backup and update database I use the fonction to save database as separate file where my collection is. When reinstalling kodi I use the info file. When this is done kodi automaticly will search internet for new content when update database.
  14. papiguy

    papiguy Member

    Thanks for answer Sarco, but where is the "fonction to save database as separate file where my collection is" I suppose this function is to be used while installing, but I could not find it during the "first run".
  15. Sarco

    Sarco Active Member Beta test group

    In settings of kodi setting/ video /library/export video library you will have the choice for separate or single file. I use seperate (you need to have your library already in you kodi). When I reinstal kodi when adding files chose movie and at your right you will have local information only.
  16. papiguy

    papiguy Member

    Thanks again, I shall try and revert.

    "I am trying to do the same but after deleting the data,... have a cup of coffee":
    Coffee drunk, and issue is still there.
    Hopefully I have a second X9 and database is being built, and to have "belt and braces", Plex is there both on a bluray player and the first zidoo...
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