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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X6 Pro' started by sarantos, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. sarantos

    sarantos Member

    i got rid of zdmc and installed kodi 17.3 and it works fine
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  2. Awesome! Where did you install from? Play Store?

    -- Edit --
    Kodi 18.x is also out now (in beta).
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  3. sarantos

    sarantos Member

    i got it from playstore
  4. I got it installed from the Play Store as well, but I'm having an audio lag of about 700ms for two random video files I tested. If I push to audio offset by +700ms, the video stutters. However, if I keep the offset at +500, the audio seems bearable and the video doesn't suffer as well.

    Do you have the same issue?

    Barring the problem above, Kodi 17.3 is almost 2x faster than ZDMC! Was such a relief on the responsiveness part.

    I did some internet searching and it looks to be an issue with Kodi. Another fork of Kodi called SPMC seems to be better off (from Play Store reviews), but is a bit dated at 16.x. I'm planning to try that as well, since users have confirmed we can have both the apps installed together without conflicts.

    Too bad Zidoo left us in the lurch. Until the time we switch to another vendor, we can try to salvage things to work.
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  5. dimtris

    dimtris Member

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  6. Thank you.

    Before seeing your message, I had installed SPMC from Play Store, but it seems to be built for mobile phones and seems setup only for touchscreens. Apart from using the mouse cursor with my Mele F1 Air Mouse, I could not get the arrow keys to work.

    Will try with RC4 as you have suggested. Can you tell me if it works with your remote control? How are you controlling or using the SPMC interface?

    Thanks in advance.
  7. Ok, I fiddled around a bit and found a setting help with reducing/eliminating video stutter with Kodi 17.3 :)

    Go to Kodi Settings -> Player -> Sync playback to display (ensure this is switched off).

    Also, though unrelated, you might want to set Settings -> Player -> Adjust display refresh rate to "On start / stop" as an optimization.

    Now, though video stutter is eliminated, the audio lag of about 55ms is still present. At present, every video file being played needs lag to be adjusted with Audio -> Audio DSP -> Speaker / Output setup... -> Audio offset at 550. If there is a way to have this set globally, we're good. However, I was not able to figure out how to apply this globally. Would be great if someone can update on this.
  8. aagvain

    aagvain New Member

    yup same here
  9. nice159

    nice159 Active Member

    @hoodafukisalice you know that you can "set as default for all media"?
    In the movie go to - Settings - Audio and subtitle settings.

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  10. For Kodi 17.3, this offset is buried under a speaker setup menu. I assumed this is only for the passthrough, subtitles and volume.

    Will check it out. Thanks.
  11. nice159

    nice159 Active Member

    Just setup Audio offset and hit - set as default for all media.
  12. Jack Black

    Jack Black New Member

    How do you install Kodi 17.3 over ZDMC? Does it have to be rooted and unninstalled?
  13. nice159

    nice159 Active Member

    Uninstall that crap ZDMC. It never worked in the first place.
  14. Jack Black

    Jack Black New Member

    I figured that's what I had to do.. I'm not experiencing audio lag, but the video stutters a bit though. :/
  15. nice159

    nice159 Active Member

    At least all add-ons works.
  16. Jack Black

    Jack Black New Member

    I'm sticking with zdmc, it's optimized for rockchip.. Kodi is giving me vertical tearing and looses track were the video file is, so too buggy. Guess we're stuck with this..
  17. nice159

    nice159 Active Member

    Most of the add-ons is no longer supported or maintained for Jarvis (ZDMC).
  18. fdishy

    fdishy Member

    Not true I am still watching Phoenix, One242415, SiFy, and others on SPMC 16.4.2 on my Zidoo. I can't get them on a box with 17.4. I am using a 3Gb DDR 4/32Gb. with Android 7.1. I prefer my Zidoo. I am still watching things everyone says are dead. The same file also works on ZDMC and Kodi 16.1. I read that the Zidoo can't take a newer version of SPMC than 16.4.2
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  19. lupis lui

    lupis lui New Member

    I installed kodi 17.4 and runs very well I back up ZDMC. then uninstalled from google Play, reinstalled and so far so good. I agree with nice 159 " Most of the add-ons is no longer supported or maintained for Jarvis (ZDMC)."
    Grizzli add on works like a charm.
  20. Mattan

    Mattan New Member

    Kodi 17.4 runs very good only problem for me is that the picture stutter sometimes and then the audio goes out of sync, have to stop and start resome and it works Smooth and in sync again.
    This seems only to happens in addon ”retrospect”
    My movies streamed over network works flawless and addon ”exodus” works fine for me.
    I also had to change audio offset.
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