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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X6 Pro' started by sarantos, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. sarantos

    sarantos Member

    i got a message on the screen form kodi that there's a 16.1 version available to update.
    how do we update? thanx
  2. PacoRabanne

    PacoRabanne Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Don't do it.
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  3. sarantos

    sarantos Member

  4. Adl

    Adl Member

    ZDMC is not kodi.
  5. sarantos

    sarantos Member

    is the latest version of zdmc the same as kodi 16.1?
  6. Paulus

    Paulus Member

    The Kodi 16.1 final will be implemented in the next X6 firmware release.

    If you want to try Kodi 16.1 in the meantime, I suggest you to try SPMC (another Kodi fork).
    The lastest version available (16.3.0) already include K16.1 and it could be installed on X6 without any issue from Google Play market; no ZDMC files will be overwrited (different path).
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  7. Adl

    Adl Member

    Zdmc is only compatible with amlogic and nvidia shield
  8. Paulus

    Paulus Member

    Sorry, but you are wrong.

    ZDMC is Kodi "optimized" by Zidoo, including RK chipsets.
    Kodi and SPMC are almost the same thing, also because both were developed by Koying.
    Now, two things: first koying has announced that there will be no further support on SPMC for RK, but anyway they work exactly the same way on X6 (Kodi and RK were not "in love" since months ...). Second, by now, there will be more chance to have real updates on SPMC then Kodi, because Kodi team is with no Android developer at all.
    So, why do not give a look on SPMC ? Not optimized, of course, for RK, but if don't use 4K/3D/veryhighbitrate videos it works also on X6.
  9. Xoxi Xiola

    Xoxi Xiola Member

    ZDMC is not optimized. It only adds RK codec for hardware decoding. It's poor and not even allows to set video zoom or aspect ratio. With some videos, it causes zdmc crash for me on stop playback. So, implementation is very poor.

    If you disable rk codec, you have the same as stock kodi/zdmc. But high bitrate 4k videos are not smooth without rk codec, because zidoo's Android system build is even more poor than entire zdmc.
  10. Adl

    Adl Member

    ZDMC is the best implementation for zidoo devices and it's like kodi.
    Plugins are working like in KODI.
    Also in ZDMC harware acceleration always works.
    Try to use kodi on himediaplayer or other RK device and tell me if can play 4k 24p at 10bit smooth. :))

    doesn't matter OS. Can be linux, can be android.
    ZDMC with RK codec it's working very well. So, ZDMC is the best alternative for kodi with hardware acceleration.
    What i like is that zidoo team implement specific driver acceleration from chip provider, and it's working.
  11. Adl

    Adl Member

    SPMC is optimized for Nvidia Shield that is primary development device and amlogic.

    That's why SPMC will not work on zidoo devices with RK chip.
    I have nvidia shield, amlogic s905 devices and several devices from Zidoo, and until now Zidoo X1 II is the best device for watching 4k with full sound suport.
  12. Xoxi Xiola

    Xoxi Xiola Member

    Read again my post. It hardware accelerates with rk codec. Indeed it works for 4k high bitrate video. Why it's poor - read again with understanding
  13. Adl

    Adl Member

    ZDMC is not KODI!
    ZDMC is using video codec SDK from chip provider. So ZDMC is not poot. Kodi is poor because not suport all chip and will no support.
    I like that KODI developers are moving to open platform, not android.

    I have a 3 boot device that can boot: Android 6, Linux Kodi and Debian Linux.
    Android 6 kodi implementation si very poor, that's why i'm using Linux KODI.
    Also amlogic S905 hardware design was wrong, that's why will be S905X and S912.
    Also amlogic S905 has issue with hardware decoding colors in android, that's why using linux for S905 is a good solution.
    Also RK3229 chip has the best conversion video solution for color space from BT2020 to REC709 .
    And the list is long.
    So ?
    No kodi for Zidoo.
    Only ZDMC.
    These are the rules.

    KODI is supported by a few providers like: nvidia , wetek, minix.
  14. Xoxi Xiola

    Xoxi Xiola Member

    Ok I'm finished. You are unable to understand anything. No Kodi for Zidoo, only ZDMC, with its poor implementation of video decoding.

    ZDMC is not Kodi. ZDMC is kodi with rk codec added as poor substitute of hw decoding Android engine. Unstable, all video settings not available etc. (I'm bored to write the same again).

    You are so excited, but I see no reason to be excited with poor software like zdmc. Currrently: the ones you mentioned. Zidoo is not included, they chose to create their own standards

    P.S. Kodi is suppoted for all devices that are not against standarised api.
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  15. Adl

    Adl Member

    ZDMC is the best implementation.
    KODI not.

    For kodi supported hardware read this page: http://kodi.wiki/view/Supported_hardware (Zidoo devices are not included)
    For supported android devices read this page: http://kodi.wiki/view/Android (zidoo devices are not included)

    So, if kodi doesn't support Zidoo why you are saying that ZDMc is poor implementation.
    If is poor why you use zidoo ?
    I tried on latest Zidoo X1 II ; 4k 10bit , 4k8bit , hevc, ts etc, 24p 23.796, 50fps 60fps and no shutter.
    So what is poor ?
  16. Xoxi Xiola

    Xoxi Xiola Member

    Hardware decoding is poor. Try to adjust video zoom, aspect ratio, contrast or brightness. Also, some videos cause zdmc to crash on stop playback.

    Also you don't understand meaning of kodi suppoted hardware. They gathered list of hardware that respects standarized well known api. Zidoo creates their own standards instead. Biggest shame
  17. cyber7

    cyber7 Active Member Beta test group

    Is it OK if I put in my 10c?

    First of all, please understand the difference between the responsibility of Zidoo and RockChip. The one (Zidoo) is an aftermarket developer, the other (RockChip) is a Hardware developer. It is the same as DELL and INTEL. DELL creates pretty boxes using INTEL technology.

    OK, now you understand the difference, lets educate you some more. Do not scream at Zidoo for the faults in the RockChip architecture, scream at Zidoo for using RockChip in the first place.

    You need to understand, you can not hold Zidoo responsible for you purchasing a RockChip device, just as much as you can hold DELL responsible for using INTEL (instead of AMD for example).
    So, what can you say about Zidoo and RockChip:
    1. Zidoo has acted very honorable in getting to fix a program not really designed for the RockChip environment (KODI).
    2. Zidoo kept their promise of giving customers the best possible solution for not only their customers, but also RockChip's customers.
    3. Zidoo has made available the source of the fixes they implement to get the program (KODI) working, not only in their development environment, but ALL RockChip's environment.
    This said, I have blocked all the repeated negative posters who keeps on clogging the forum with rubbish posts regarding the same trifle rubbish. I am here to learn, give help and assist.
    • WE ALL KNOW THE KODI ENVIRONMENT IS FLAWED. You do not have to post it in every thread on this forum, there is help guidelines and fixes on it's way!
    • WE ALL KNOW YOUR VIDEO STUTTERS. You do not have to post it in every thread on this forum.
    • WE ALL KNOW AUDIO IS OUT OF SYNC. You do not have to post it in every thread on this forum, there is guidelines how to fix this and it is NOT difficult!
    • WE ALL KNOW YOU WANT TO SELL YOUR BOX OR SEND IT BACK. Please do so and do not keep posting and flooding topics. Just do it already!
    OK, now you have seen my posting and you are about to answer, JUST DON'T!

    Just, report problems (once) and move on... If you can assist, do so and move on... If you don't like this post of any other posts telling you to stop with your bitching, ignore me... BUT PLEASE, MOVE THE F*%K ON...
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  18. Xoxi Xiola

    Xoxi Xiola Member

    First of all, please understand meaning of "responsibility" word. Zidoo is fully responsible for his product. Customers don't even need to know what is RockChip. Customer bought Zidoo X6 and he expect to get what he paid for. Customer should not care Zidoo's problems with his subcontractors.

    Before sell his box, Zidoo should test carefuly if subcontrator's (in this case RockChip) hardware and software can meet future customer's expectations. Obviously, synced audio is one of them. If not, look for another subcontractor. This is how it works.
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  19. Staffie85

    Staffie85 New Member

    Im sorry but im with Cyber7 on this one..
    If i go and buy a budget mobile instead of say a iphone 6s or galaxy s7 then i expect glitches and less then perfect playback, same as if i had brought a cheap chinese tablet instead of an ipad pro or another top tablet...
    If i expected perfection for the price of one of these boxes i think thats a bit crazy and should of gone and payed nvidia money on the shield or brought a top minix box...

    that said i think zidoo and the helpful members here are doing a great job with a budget box and dont see this kind of help from most other companies.
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  20. Staffie85

    Staffie85 New Member

    Yeah you get what you pay for, a budget box from a relatively new company... not an expensive box from an established company with years of experiance like nvida or minix e.t.c
    so expect some glitches and problems...
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