Keeping stopping service google !!!!!

Discussion in 'ZIDOO H6 Pro' started by abdulmoty, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. abdulmoty

    abdulmoty New Member

    Hi after upgrading to latest software 1.0.36
    I face google stopping service alwayes like attached photo

    Inform that I restored the device after upgraded

    Pls help

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  2. rorocorti

    rorocorti New Member

    Same problem. Very disappointing after using the box during 6 months, and still the same problem firmware after firmware...
  3. rorocorti

    rorocorti New Member

    (ps : I did the factory reset avec upgrading to 1.0.36 as mentioned in forum)
  4. Manuel

    Manuel New Member

    @abdulmoty what i did is to Upgrade to 1.0.36 version again. I had the same issue as hell as you mentioned. Tried many things, but none of them worked so i upgraded locally again. if you need to download it again, do so. Do it and share what you found. don't know why it was fixed, but at the end it fixed.
  5. Majic t

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  6. Majic t

    Majic t New Member

  7. channelbutler86

    channelbutler86 New Member

    I am testing erasing all google play services data to reset this app. So far so good.

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