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Discussion in 'Jellyfin for Zidoo' started by andy22, Jun 18, 2022.

  1. Kenshin

    Kenshin Member

    thank you for your efforts . . this is ok so only with testing we can improve ..
  2. Cranks

    Cranks Member

    Hey andy22,

    I am keen to try this and would like to ask if:
    Can Jellyfin TV be installed on a QNAP NAS/s?
    Will it function accessing files from 2 x NAS with movies and TV shows on 3 x Data Volumes?
    Does it play all video (DV) and all associated audio formats incl Atmos?
    Does it have a VS10 option?

    Sorry for the noob questions that are probably basic details to you, but I'd like to know these points before I embark on a new project.

  3. Sledgehamma

    Sledgehamma Well-Known Member

    1. or
    2. yes
    3. yes
    4. yes
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  4. Cranks

    Cranks Member

  5. andy22

    andy22 Active Member

    Beta 10 - 0.14.6 - Download here
    • based on latest official 0.14 release
    • fix "thumbnail" display in library grid views (no more blurry mess)
    • fix "Prefer series thumbnails" option for "Continue watching" home section
    • update to 1.3.4 sdk
    PS: So i hope i have fixed all the thumb related issues, so the home/lib's should now look similar to what the web-client displays.
    The "thumb" grid option should now be usable, instead of the old blurry mess.
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  6. ostybe

    ostybe New Member


    First, thanks a lot for all your work to bring us the jellyfin Zidoo Edition. And what I saw so far looks really awseome. Sooo much better than everything emby, Plex or PosterWall. BUT I could check out only a few Test files running via Windows Server Version: 10.8.1. Here works everything fine and smooth with the Zidoo internal Player.
    My Main Library is on a Synology DS1821 NAS with DSM7 running the Server Version 10.8.0-5 that one that is available in the Download Center from Synology...without Docker. or

    I could connect to 10.8.0-5 on Synology with every phone,appleTV,PC, Official playstore JellyfinmobileApp on Zidoo etc. just not with Beta10 on my Zidoo UHD3000. No matter what I do I get the message: 192.168.1....:8096 SSL-Handshake Failed, 192.168.1....:8096 No Connection possible, 192.168.1....:8096 Server uses 10.8.0 which is not supported.

    Unfortunately I cant find any Server 10.8.1 for Synology without docker which I dont want.

    Can someone confirm that it is a server problem and I have to wait till 10.8.1 or is it a problem on the Beta-Client ? Thx for Help :)
  7. andy22

    andy22 Active Member

    I base my version on the official app release and they just dropped 10.8.0 support, as seen here:

    So not much i can do about it, but you can try go back until you find a version that works. I think beta9 should still work with 10.8.0.
  8. ostybe

    ostybe New Member

    Thx very much Andy. The latest Beta that worked is beta7. Is between beta 7 and 8 a big change that makes the difference ?
  9. andy22

    andy22 Active Member

    Probably not, i just picked-up the change from the official branch at some point and merged it into my version.
  10. ostybe

    ostybe New Member

    Will it be possible to set Music also to use the internal Zidoo player ? Flac and lossy formats are direct streaming, unfortunaley DSD is converted to 128bit mp3, the zidoo dac supports native DSD/DSF. Havent figured out yet if MQA flac is "unfolded" to HighRes.
  11. andy22

    andy22 Active Member

    Possible yes, it seems videoLan/Exoplayer still has no DSD support? I just found a few patches that add general dsd codec support, but i guess that's just to identify DSD files.

    I see the mp3 issue, i simply did not adapt the audio only transcode profile. So for zidoo a quick fix is to use flac instead of mp3 as general audio transcode fallback.

    Using the external music player is possible, yet its more complex since for audio you normally stay in the Jellyfin Ui. So all i could do is send a track or playlist to the external music player, which would leave the Jellyfin Ui. I can add this to my list, yet this would be very low priority.
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  12. cima86

    cima86 New Member

    Hey I just wanted to say your client is awesome! I like it a lot better than HT and I now run a Plex and Jellyfin server on my MAC just so I can use your client on my new Zidoo player I just bought.

    I have a question or maybe it's a request? Is there a way to see the filename or filepath of the movies? For example I have Avengers Endgame both 4K UHD Remux version and the IMAX D+ version but I can't distinguish the files from each other when browsing.
  13. andy22

    andy22 Active Member

    What are the exact file names?

    Did you check the movie details page and the "Versions" button?
  14. cima86

    cima86 New Member

    They are showing up as two separate movies. After further research I guess I have to name them differently? Not something I've had to do with Plex so this is new to me, I'm used to them combining into one automatically.
  15. andy22

    andy22 Active Member

    That's also what Jellyfin does and than they show-up as versions in the details view, that's why i asked for the filenames.

    Plex/Jellyfin should be able to use the same version suffixes, but there may be some differences.
    Check the guide here and see if something looks different than Plex:
  16. cima86

    cima86 New Member

    They're in the same folder

    Attached Files:

  17. andy22

    andy22 Active Member

    From the guide:
    /Avengers Endgame (2019)/Avengers Endgame (2019) - IMAX.....mkv
    /Avengers Endgame (2019)/Avengers Endgame (2019) - UHD.Remux.....mkv

    So the prefix needs to match the foldername and than use space, hyphen, space than the suffix can be anything is presented as the version name.
    This should also work for Plex.
  18. cima86

    cima86 New Member

    Okay I'm gonna try this later, thanks so much!
  19. Nicholas Hewitt

    Nicholas Hewitt Active Member

    Themes don't work. Also would be nice if all the themes were available. No matter what theme I change it to, it stays on the default. Also is there no progress indicator?

    Edit: I meant is there no continue where you left off section in the home screen?
  20. Visconti12

    Visconti12 Active Member

    Thanks a lot. I'll give it a try when return from vacations!!

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