Issues with adding music folder as a source

Discussion in 'XBMC for Zidoo' started by Rajiv Kumar, Nov 21, 2020.

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    I can see all my music albums in the music folder which is in the players internal hard disk. When I am trying to add my Music folder as a source in the Music Player 6 of Zidoo, it is not adding the folders or scanning it automatically except some random 112 music files. Can anyone please guide me if I am doing anything wrong and --

    1. What is the best way that the Music Player 6 can recognize the folder ?
    2. Updates it as and when I add new folders or Music albums in the folder
    3. Finally I am not able to find or activate the "Disc Spinning or Rotation" while the music is playing. Please help as how to enable the same in Zidoo Music Player 6.

    Looking forward to your guidance and support to achieve the above...

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